To the youth of the World

Our youth are our jewels. They have a treasure chest of virtues, blessings and gifts that we seem to ignore. They have great power. Unfortunately, they have not been nurtured to believe in this power. I truly believe that the youth of the world will be the ones who will show the rest of us how to live in our fullness. I have written a poem to the youth of the world. I invite you to share this reflection with all those who are young whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Yes, indeed, the youth of the world will transform the earth. How wonderful! Please read the poem below.

Dear youth of the world You are a breed unique

Who was born to transform the earth. You have a message to impart

That was given to you so long ago. Don't let anyone ever tell you

That this isn't so!

You, indeed, have a purpose

A message to share. Do not think you are worthless or square.

You are the ones who we look to for light. You are the ones who will change

The earth with delight. Take on your task with sincerity

Knowing that you have a mission of clarity

To connect with all those who exhibit disparity.

Dear youth of the world It is your task to unmask

The trash and filth and greed

And create a world where you

Can thrive and feel free

To reside in peace and harmony

Alongside each man, woman and child.

Do not stop to question...nor slow down to analyze

For this is your assignment and it's time to recognize

That world peace, love and laughter are the weapons

That are needed to take a stand

Against all the evil and hatred in the land.

The hour is at hand --so please do not tarry

Dear youth of the world...please hurry...hurry.

Begin to see and feel your power

For, indeed, you have a plan

That needs to be conveyed

To all in the world who want to invade.

Hold your heads up high...reaching far into the sky

Your actions are noble, your honor is grand.

Don't let anyone stop you from extending your hand

To help those in pain...and in sorrow

For you are our messengers of light

Who have come to make the world right!

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, May 21, 2012