Your perception is your reality.

Believe_in_YourselfYou change when your perceptive of life around you changes. Be in expectancy and dare to believe that your dreams can come to pass. Your faith in the power of God and His goodness definitely will help you grow and change as well as your mental outlook towards life.

Many people simply lack belief; belief in themselves and their abilities. They allow their Ego Mind to control their performance and their lives instead of fighting the battle of the dark forces. I recently spoke to a woman who was coming to one of our big events. She called the office saying she may not make it because_______ and there was a long list of excuses. She said I know I need to be there BUT_________. When I said that it is your negative emotions that are getting the best of you, her comment to me was, I have NO negative emotions. As I explained to her about her fear and worry and anxiety and showed her how those feelings are negative emotions, she started to understand and see what I was saying. We often don't realize it but we, through our thoughts, do create our reality.

Our job is to ask big, seek big goals and have a new perspective that you dare to believe in because it is through that realization and acceptance that comes the beliefs that are formed in our consciousness.

Believe in the Power of God! I always remember the words of God: What looks impossible in the material world is not impossible with God. When you believe and Trust and have Faith, God is listening and you become heavy with His favor. Ask God to show the world His goodness through you.

It is easy to talk yourself out of God's favor by your doubts and disbelief. Please keep believing that you are blessed because BELIEVING IS THE KEY! This is your time to rise to a new level and believe and start agreeing with God. Expect God to do the extra ordinary and then get ready for your wondrous gift to come into your life. I have been there so I can speak in honesty and truth. Walk in your life believing in the Power of God.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, February 20, 2015