Is your life surrounded by waste?

In order to effectively rise above waste and to restore balance in your life, you must make a concentrated effort to clear the chaos and litter from your mind, your spirit and more importantly, your physical surroundings. If you are anything like me, it is a challenge to function or work in an atmosphere where clutter is piled to the ceilings, things are strewn from one place to the other, and even walking becomes a hazard as you may trip over items left upon the floor. I know that may sound harsh, but truth of the matter is that the environment you keep and in which you live can and will skew your perception and your overall outlook on life.

If you think about it, just seeing a lot of clutter around you often dictates feelings of overwhelm and lack of motivation. Chaos in any shape or form is never conducive to progress -- and that is why it is sometimes necessary to use your sweat equity to bring harmony back into your life.

There is a Broken Windows Theory, which has been somewhat proven over the past three decades. Though a few scholars may not agree with all of its principles, there has been mounting evidence that human behavior is in fact negatively impacted when surrounded by littered and disorderly environments.

One of those learnings is that people tend to become more disobedient when posed with these types of negative conditions. This is why it is essential you restore clarity in both your physical atmosphere, and in your mind.

If you continue to surround yourself in environments plagued with disorder, you will have stronger tendencies to be unmotivated, more self-destructive, and less inspired to achieve. This is also why it is so important for cleanup efforts after a storm or other natural disaster. When people physically begin to see progress happening around them, it makes it easier to join into those efforts to make real change happen.

Disorder affects health

Hoarders, for example, are individuals who have gathered an accumulation of things throughout their lives. It is most difficult for these folks to clear the rubble because they have become completely overwhelmed with the degree of stuff they have collected. Over time, they simply give up and give into the fear of losing the things that surround them. Eventually, people who live in these conditions begin to see negative effects of their behavior as it disrupts your physical wellbeing. When you let go of those things that no longer serve you or that you no longer need, you open up space in your energy field to bring in more of what would better serve your mental, physical and emotional outlook.

As a general rule, you should always practice creating peace where you are. No matter the situation, you always have the power to restore balance. Sometimes it begins with small steps. Maybe your carpet needs steam cleaning, perhaps your garden needs tending, maybe your mind is riddled with negative baggage from the past weed the unnecessary and destructive clutter from your life so you can create a calm atmosphere -- one in which you can thrive and prosper!

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013