Your imagination is an awesome tool Why not use it?

imagination graphicIt is a gift! It is a gift from Creator! So why don't we utilize it and accept its attributes? That is simple most of us don't understand its abilities and/or attributes. Our imagination is a faculty or natural function given to all humans so we can become creative and dream big dreams. Through our imagination, we have been given the tools to form mental images, ideas and inspirations that most people only dream about. It has only been with the age of technology that many young people have awakened their talents and utilized them beyond most people's expectations.

By utilizing your imagination, you are actually taping into the Universal Source, the Creator. It is free so why not use it? It is my belief that the major reason why some do not take advantage of this gift is because they are not aware of its purpose, meaning and value.

In this short message, I would like to share some thoughts with you that just might help you shift your thinking mechanism and become open to the power of visualization which your imagination uses in order to form images, ideas, new possibilities and inventiveness in a split second.

Our imagination is a creative power, a tool, so to speak, that expresses new, previously unexplored images or concepts that can change the course of your life and quite possibly the world.

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I believe it works hand in hand with your instinctive or intuitive abilities and brings to the present moment of time opportunities that can manifest great joy and happiness. Yet, I must also say that, as always there are two sides to the coin. People have used their creative juices to manipulate, maneuver and deceive others countries and even families.

While our imagination has a great role to play in each person's life, it should be noted that like everything else in life, if not properly guided and nurtured, it could hurt and destroy. Unfortunately in life and in fact, through the multi-media channels that filter through our lives, our imagination has been cultivated to thrive on the negative side of life. In that state, it has left many people feeling unhappy, incomplete and incompetent.

Our imagination is a valuable resource and indeed has a great role to play for all humans. It is a valuable asset to one's life and whether it is consciously or unconsciously recognized, it is utilized in many ways every day. Just think about it, when we plan a party or event, we try to make it perfect by using our imagination. When we are attempting to win a game or be successful in a sport, we utilize our imagination to get an edge over our opponent. Even in our business dealings and personal lives, we use our imagination to let others know that we are good at what we do and that we care.

Yes, your imagination is an awesome tool that can transform the most mundane event or situation into an awe-inspiring first class extravaganza. Understanding how to utilize your imagination to the best of your ability can put you on the road to success, happiness and extraordinary joy.


Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker



Blog Date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2012