Your Destiny is Calling!

Do you feel blessed, successful and healthy or are you feeling as though your life is falling apart? In secret you dreams and hopes are cry out for your desires to be filled but in your reality, everything is different. Human nature says: "when I see it, I will believe it" but Faith says: "I will believe it until I see it." It's time for you to reach your Highest Potential and yes it's time for you to stand tall on your faith, your hopes and your trust in the power of your Creator, your God.

Your potential is planted as a small seed deep inside of you; that seed is healthy and good and that seed is your destiny getting ready to be birth. However, it cannot be brought into your reality until you are mentally and emotionally ready to receive it. I believe it's time for you to be strong and know that if you plant your seed in good soil and continually water it and nurture it, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. As you continue to stay focused and clear as to your mission, soon your fruit will grow until it is seen and recognizable as the beginning of your destiny taking shape and form. Your hopes and dreams are about to be harvested by you into your Highest Potential.

When you stay focused and are clear on what you hope to bring into your reality, your life transforms and takes on new meaning. It is most important for you to stand in your faith and trust and believe that your destiny is now being realized by you.

If per chance you feel stuck or challenged, which happens to all of us, this is the time to quickly shift your thoughts and keep your vision centered only on your goal. Don't let a negative thought or person interfere with your vision. This is the time to be stronger and more courageous than ever. You know what God put in your heart. Do not let anyone or anything put a limitation on you. Life is too short to waste on negative energy. Your destiny is calling! Your life is about to blossom and become enriched. Empower yourself to stand in your strength. Empower yourself to know and trust that with your Infinite Intelligence as your partner and co-creator, nothing is impossible for you.

Your Creator has told you what you could become and that you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams. Now do your part and stir up your faith. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your destiny, except you! The Forces that are for you are greater than the Forces that are against you. Join up with the Forces of the Universal Flow. Let your seed take root. Shake off doubt and negativity and seek your greatness, your freedom and your joy. Never forget that an empowered person is one who realizes that in order to manifest your heart's desires, you are the one in control of your thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs. Your destiny is calling! Be prepared to receive!

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2016