Your actions have consequences

 I remember the time when I listened to a news report discussing the prank call from the two Australian radio personalities who impersonated the Queen of England so that they could receive information about the hospitalized Princess.  The woman nurse who answered the call from the pranksters killed herself over this matter; most probably because she felt as though she betrayed the dignity of her profession and the possible endangerment of the Princess.  How sad!  The lesson learned here is that everything has a consequence.  Some may think that this is simply silliness at play or that they have a justified right to infringe on others with no consequences.  Or maybe it is the stupidity of our multi-media and like organizations that laugh at, reward and encourage others like these two pranksters without penalty.  The truth of the matter is that if we are truly and seriously eager to live a healthier and happier life, we need to take the appropriate steps to heal our mind, heal our lives from poor behavior, improper attitudes and destructive conduct.

One of the Laws of Nature is that for every action there is a re-action - the Law of Cause and Effect-- and then there are the laws of the Creator that merely asks us to treat others as we would like to be treated.  How simplistic life can be if we only showed some constraint towards others and acted in a principled manner with compassion— caring and sharing. I have said often that we do not need more governing in the world; we only need more conscious people who take responsibility for their behavior.  When we consciously act and behave with intention, we are setting ourselves up to empower ourselves, so we can heal our mind, heal our lives.

 When I was growing up we were expected to perform and behave in a respectful manner towards others and ourselves and we were held accountable for our actions and behavior.  We learned that we have certain duties or tasks to perform if we want to live in good standing within the realm of society and at the same time we have certain responsibilities that help us stay focused—aware and honest. 

 We all have bad moments in life when we wish we could do it over but that doesn’t excuse us from the consequences that follow.  It is no different than if you throw a stone in a pond and watch the ripples start.  They continue to create an effect upon the water.  Our behavior has a rippling effect on others and that effect has the power to build and set good examples or harm and cause great pain.

 There is evidence of many wonderful and caring people in the world but on the flip side of the coin there is equal evidence of contemptible people who have no concern for the feelings or reactions of others.  Neither one of us can resolve this situation but we certainly can and must bring it to the attention of our children, the youth, and show them the harm that is caused by poor decisions and choices.  My son is always speaking to his young children about these very thoughts.  When the children do something that is not pleasing, they are reminded about the poor choices they have made.  These children are being taught to think about the way they act and react daily.  It may not sink into their sub-conscious mind at that moment but with time, it definitely will.  They are being taught to take responsibility for their behavior, their actions or their lack thereof. 

 Whether your employer or anyone else tells you to act in a manner that is inappropriate, you still have choices and you most definitely have a responsibility to yourself to behave in a manner that is respectful and beneficial not only to yourself but to others.  There is a definite connection between your actions (the cause) and the consequences (the effect).  You will never be able to take control of your life or its outcome if you continually refuse to take full responsibility for your behavior and attitude.  As always it starts with you and your perception of life and how you make decisions and choices.  No one thrives to feel suffering and pain but rather seeks to enjoy a life of improved wellbeing.  You have within your power the ability to heal your mind, heal your lifeI encourage you to empower yourself and reach for the stars and be the best person you can be.  That state of mind and body has many rewards. 

 We can always say, “I’m sorry.”  But after a while, even those words can have hollow meaning unless you sincerely mean them and take the necessary steps to make sure your actions represent whom you truly are and how you truly want to be remembered.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, September 18, 2018