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JMW-headshot from FB copyWhen you understand the problem--it is easy to find the solution!

I recently worked with a woman who has auto- immune disease. When I worked with her using my Intuitive Gifts and X Ray Vision, I immediately went to the specific areas in her body where she carries all this pain. I talked to her about howher body is yelling at her! She continually move her head in agreement because she was finally getting it.

I encourage you to please listen to your body! Where is your body yelling at you because it is time for you to pay attention and listen to its message?

This is important. I shared with her specific times in her life where there was a lot of "war" going on in the household. I went deeper and asked her to go back and really connect with the child in her who was witnessing the war. There was a part of her in the present moment who was still battling the past.

Once she realized her current pain was acting out the war from her past she knew she had discovered a piece of her life map that would lead her towards her personal healing. Each one of us- you and me included--needs to have our eyes forward so we can not only hear the messages but understand how to interpret the messages in order to create our healthy lives that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Please understand that your health and well-being depends on you and your state of mind-body and spirit. So it goes without saying that, if you do not build a relationship with the experiences in your past and make peace with them, they will play havoc in your life on a daily basis. That havoc usually comes out through sickness and disease in the body.

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Blog Date: 
Monday, June 9, 2014