You are never alone!

Need some support and encouragement?   I created our ‘Huggin Pillows’ to help you feel like you have reinforcement and a team by your side caring about you.  Each one of us wants to be loved and shown that we are special.  Just like a child holds on to his or her teddy bear or blanket, you, too, can hold onto your ‘Huggin Pillow” or simply prop it up on your bed or chair as a reminder that you are not alone.  Your Power Angel teams are with you always ready, willing and able to help you through your difficult times or joyful moments. 

 I have developed this product that will remind you constantly of the presence of your Power Angels.  I have called it the “Huggin Pillow.”  It is made in USA. Pillow size is 16"x12" of 100% polyester cluster fiber and covered in all cotton.  The pillowcase, which I designed features many of the power angels that I personally connect with daily.  While I have experienced many challenges, struggles and heart-breaks in my lifetime, I have NEVER experienced debilitating sickness or disease.  I take no medication or no pills and I live a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and you can do the same if and when you are willing to make the right choices.

 My “Huggin Pillow” will help you change your point of view about your life and it will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater peace of mind and contentment each and every day.  I want you to know and believe that the Power Angels are always with you and care about you!

 Every season should be a season of giving both to self and to others.  However, as we are in the Holiday Season, I ask you to take a look at our “Huggin Pillow” because it is an awesome opportunity for you to cuddle with your special Power Angels and ask for their support, encouragement and guidance.  Keep one on your bed, sleep with it or simply put it in a place that will remind you that you are not alone.  There is great love and protection for you.  Our “Huggin Pillows” are available on our web site and on our Facebook page too! (

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2017