Would you buy your grandmother a pair of Maui Jim glasses?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I thought about this question while I was sleeping last night. You see, when I first met Betty, she had a pair of sunglasses. She was always concerned about her appearance and she wanted to make sure she was protected against the suns rays. But recently I noticed that she no longer had a pair of sunglasses and every time we went for a walk or a ride in the car she was trying to shield her eyes and face from the sun. The sun was stopping her from seeing clearly and feeling comfortable being in the light.
When we went out one afternoon for another excursion we decided to go to a store that specializes in good sunglasses. She was so excited to try on the many different pairs and as she stood outside to see which ones were best for her, her excitement continued to grow. Look how clearly I can see it is wonderful Everything is bright and beautiful and itdoesn'tbother me. Those were her words. My heart went pitter-patter, I was filled with joy and contentment as I watched this women of 98 years feel young again.
She was like a child on her first day of school, excited yet apprehensive. Change was coming she and I could feel it yet she was still the child and loving the special attention that I and everyone in the sunglass store was giving to her. She finally found the perfect pair of Maui Jims that fit, felt good and made her look like a million dollars.
As we walked out of the store, Betty took my arm and we walked arm in arm back to the car as she continually expressed her delight in being able to see so perfectly without a problem. This entire experience was brand new for her. She was outside, her eyes relaxed and comfortable; she did not need to squint or hide from the sun. You would have thought we just discovered gold as she said:""This is the best investment I have ever made."She loved them, her new Maui Jims, and every time we went for a walk she pranced around as if she was the queen with her new sunglasses as she kept her head high. There was no need to hide anymore from the sun. Her Maui Jims protected her. The gift in all of this was she felt special and she had fun walking in the sunlight.
In the time that we spent together, I believe that the greatest experience for her was when she got out of the house escaping her bored life, a life of spending too much time in bed staring into space.
I would like to think that one of the greatest gifts that I gave to Betty was my companionship. The times that I helped her feel special and bring her back in timeto her younger days when she was confident, elegant and clearly the woman in charge.
Too often when I entered her home she would ask:"Where are we going?" As if she was a convict escaping her own prison of being left alone as an elder with nothing to do.
Betty is a woman who loved to live and boy she shared some stories of her days of living! She knew how to create the conversation about her and she loved being the prettiest woman in the room.
The one thing she always said to me is you are too pretty to be hanging around me! We have got to find you a husband. I think she was nervous that there would not be a man for her!
Betty loves conversation, communicating and connecting with all who would engage in a conversation with her. She is also funny! As she reached for her sunglasses and owned that she was the cats meow- she was equally in gratitude for all that I and she have shared together. Her favorite words were: :"This is fun I love being outdoors."
There are so many lonely people out there hiding, longing to connect and needing attention. Please do not be stingy with your time or your talents and gifts. Share your heart and compassion with others. There are so many people that sit alone waiting to see if someone would think of them or care for them and still, they are left alone longing to be touched in so many ways. Believe it or not, even a kind word and a smile touches their soul.
If you can find it in your heart to reach out to someone today, I encourage you to do so; After all, we are all together on this journey of life and at the end of the day we are all here to help one another. As I continually play and replay the motion picture of my mind, I cherish each memory. I wish you great special moments too. Let me hear from you and share your special moments with me.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012