A world of hate

A world of hate begins with a single word of anger that festers within your heart, your mind and then sets your emotional state in frenzy.  We see it happening every day in many different ways and most of the time these events are out of our control.  Yet each one of us has within our power the ability to change our point of view and our approach to what is placed in front of us, if we are willing to remain alert, aware and above all okay with the fact that everything is not going to go our way all the time we will be better prepared to enjoy a wonderful state of inner peace and calm.

I recently encountered a situation in my new community were some individuals insisted on having things go only their way and when someone or something comes along that ask for reasonable change, they become angry, resentful and unwilling to communicate.  If and when situations arise in your life that speaks to that type of situation, I ask you to do what I did—ask for guidance from the Divine.  At first, I must admit, I became angry and annoyed but then I began to calm down, relax and look for an alternative that might benefit everyone.  In my case, I did not find it, but I tried.  I reached out my hand and asked that we connect and communicate.  In other words, I extended an olive branch.  Although it was rejected, I still wanted to make the effort because I did not want to be the one who participated in a world of anger and hate. Inner Peace cannot and will not be achieved when we focus on anger, resentment and the need to be right at any cost. There is so much of that kind of thinking and behavior already in the world and I for one choose not to contribute to it.  Maybe we all need to consider new ways to transform our lives, so we can live with a better sense of understanding our world and the people in it?  In order to heal our lives and enjoy a renewed sense of inner peace and transformation, it would better serve us, that is, each one of us if we could try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.  It is only then that we might see the bigger picture and understand why they are the way they are or possibly act the way they do.  

We do not need to become victims to other people’s actions or reactions, but we do need, or at least I believe it, to turn the other cheek and focus instead on ways to transform our thinking so as to find some peace and solace within our soul.  Victimhood is an emotional state where we feel attacked and like a target for other people’s emotional baggage.  That type of behavior has no real benefit.

In the bigger scheme of things, I believe that the world will only begin to change and become friendlier and caring when we individually take the step to make it happen.  It is so easy to always want our way, but there are times when compromise and reasonableness is needed to heal our lives, to heal your life

I do not believe that we came to this planet, Earth to battle each other but rather to share and care about each other.  Yet I have noticed that we become so attached to our own vision and wants to the point that we put blinders on and refuse to see the alternates of choice.

When we are willing to change our perception, we often are better prepared to accept into our lives new or different possibilities.  How you view the world around you often shapes your opinions and attitude. 

People like to play games.  I do not think they look at it that way, but none-the-less, people do it every day.  Maybe it is the game of: ‘I will get you’, or the game of: ’you cannot tell me what to do’ and even the game of: ‘I am in control here and don’t you forget it!’   You see— we are always trying to manipulate---sway and control others so that we can have it all---whatever the all is.   Now is the time to rethink and reshape our attitudes and behavior so we can transform our lives into a better you and me.

I know only too well all about the games that have been played over time, however, I have chosen not to partake in them because they only lead to anger, hate and pain. Instead, I have grown to understand and learn that when I release the outcome and allow God to handle it for me, I feel better. I have come to realize that as I release and surrender that my anger dissipates and my mood shifts.  I would be lying if I told you that this approach is easy because it is not; however, I can attest to the fact that I genuinely feel better and happier when I accept this approach.  Yes, there is a world of hate out there, but you and I do not have to contribute to it.  I am committed to transforming my life, so I can enjoy a renewed sense of inner peace as I heal my life.  I sincerely hope you are too!


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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, August 14, 2018