Wise men count their blessings, fools their problems!

I like that saying!  Let’s face it, we all have problems; life hasn’t been easy for many of us and even those who have a lot of money have problems.  But as it has been said so often, it is all about how you deal with the problems and your perception of them.   In other words, it does help if you are willing to empower yourself and work towards transforming your life for the better.  For example, do you always see your glass as half full or half empty?  Does what your neighbor has appeal more to you than what you have?  Is your wish list so long that you forgotten what is really important and what will make you feel simple happiness?

 I know some multi-millionaires who are miserable.  They feel a lack of love, authentic companionship and genuine inner peace and calm.  They are searching and seeking in the wrong places for contentment and joy, which only makes them feel even emptier inside.  Even surrounded by others, they feel lonely.  A a common statement that I hear being said often is: They do not feel fulfilled.”  Some even travel the world in search for their identity not realizing that the answer lies within their soul.  To empower yourself to feel full and complete requires one to become vulnerable to self.  To explore within the crevasses of your mind, body and soul all those quiet little messages that one hopes will allow you to explore ways to  transform your life and live with inner peace of mind can be most rewarding.

 Wise men count their blessings, fools their problems!  Yes, we all have our shortcomings and I guess we will always be challenged because that is a fact of life, but it is in the way we see life and the way we project its outcome that we truly find that sense of inner peace and calm we are seeking.  If your soul or maybe even your body is screaming out in pain and looking for answers, maybe this is the time to sit still and reflect on all that you have in your life. Examine your attitude, your behavior and the environment you have cultivated over the years.   No matter how large or small it may be, we all have something to be thankful for.  Too many people throughout the world are suffering from resentment and bitterness—two very poisonous and dangerous traits. Those negative traits can most definitely empowered you but in the wrong way.  Even in some parts of the world and generation after generation, people are harboring those toxic thoughts that fester anger, resentment and greed because it is deeply rooted in their culture, yet those same people believe they are honoring their God and punish others in the name of God, so they can fulfill their end results.  Those behavioral patterns open the door wide for sickness and disease to grow.

 What hypocrites! Bitterness and resentment are like the plague—it will continue to spread unless contained and resolved.  You have the power within you to change for your highest and best good.  That is how you will transform your life so you can and will enjoy a wonderful feeling of inner peaceand contentment.  You have the power within you to break this chain of destruction and pettiness. 


 ·      Sometimes we cannot change the outcome but that is when we need to change our perception.

 ·      Sometimes we cannot make things work out the way we want but that is when we need to adjust our thinking and learn from your situation.

 ·      Sometimes we cannot predict other people’s actions or reasoning, but we can alter our ego, humble ourselves and be open to a new way of thinking as we, quite possibly, express gratitude instead of anger.  These are only a few of the ways each one of us can empower yourself to live a more healthy and beneficial lifestyle.

 God is never far away—call him into your energy field and ask him to lift the veil and show you the way to think, live and play in a calm and peaceful manner.  May I suggest that you daily count your blessings and give thanks for what you have; our lives are meant to be filled with joy, contentment and peace!  Invite blessings into your life and feel the right change take place.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, April 4, 2018