To win you have to have the mind set to win

Those were the words of Misty May-Treanor and her partner, Kerri Walsh after they won their third Olympic gold medal in volleyball.

Many other commentaries emphasized that this is the year of the women because of their huge success in the games. There is no question that it takes a great deal of mental stamina to experience that kind of success. Of course the physical preparedness is vital but it is the mental challenges that must be overcome first. No person can succeed in life unless they are willing to do their work. Those words are the most important and vital for any individual to truly comprehend. Most people simply don't get it! Please understand that most successful people visualize and imagine in their mind's eye the moves, the plays or positioning of their game or skills before they actually take the action steps. It is the mental game that trips most of us up because we allow fear, worry and doubt to filter into the recesses of our minds as they take a strong hold position over our thinking.

It is not unrealistic to say that 80 percent of success in the world is achieved by less than 20 percent of the people. This principle has been widely discussed in the intellectual circles in an attempt to explore different potentialities for individual expression. Yet the reality is there the majority of us are lazy and unwilling to fight or persevere for what we want. The struggles are long, hard and sometimes unforgiving yet when we can keep our eye on the end goal and I am sure all those who received a medal will state: "It was truly worth it."

So what do we have to do to first get started and second find out how to stay in the game? That is a million dollar question. Are you ready to read on? I can only speak from my vantage point so I invite you to listen and build on my thoughts as you continue on your personal journey.

First: Total and complete discipline is needed. Can you define discipline? To me, it means that you must without fail keep your focus and the reason why you are doing this in sight. If you don't, you will lose your focus and waiver in your resolve. The athletes maintained steel like focus and their discipline was unbendable. Nothing stood in the way of their vision and end goal.

Second: Build your support team. By that I mean both on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane. You cannot reach your end goal alone. You need people around you who will encourage, reinforce and protect you and your goals. When your emotions try to sabotage you, it pays to have a coach or individual who will get you back on tract. I can honestly say that for me I also need my angel team to do all of those things and much more because they have the ability to boost my spirits, strengthen my resolve and give me a sense of inner calm that goes beyond the earthly realm. When I am challenged and feeling that my buttons are being pushed, I meditate twice daily just so I can maintain my strong footing and balance.

Third: Proper diet and rest is vital to your overall well-being As many of the athletes said after their win, "now I can go out and

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; because now they can go off their routine and relax. Life is always about finding balance. After you have reached your goal, you can look forward to reaping the rewards and enjoy yourself but remember that comes after the win.

Fourth: Daily action steps are vital for your success. You can wish and dream all you want but if you do nothing that is what you will get. The principle of Cause and Effect always comes into play. That topic is for another discussion but don't worry, I will address it soon. In the meantime, take the first four steps to heart and remember that most people don't get there because they do not want to do their work. What category do you fit in?

Joan Marie Ambrose
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Blog Date: 
Friday, August 10, 2012