Will I ever find true love?

I am tired of looking for true love. Every time I think I have found the "right one" for me, something happens and we fall apart. Will I ever find true love? �� Is this you? If I had a dime for each time someone said that, I would be a multimillionaire. The hard truth is that if you are "looking" for true love, you will never find it. True love is not something you seek out - it seeks you. I am sure, too, you have heard that response once or twice along the way. But it is the reality of how life and love works. There is no "set time" for you to have love in your life. In fact, it is often when you least expect it, that love will find you.

I am tired of always hearing that love will find me. It has not worked yet, how do you expect it to work at a later time? If you are asking that question, therein lies the problem. You must trust yourself and have confidence so that others may see that quality in you as well. No, you may not "find" love this afternoon, tomorrow, next week or maybe not even next month -- and that is okay. First you must build up your level of self-confidence. You also have to start seeing your own potentialities in life. Stop thinking you will never "have someone" in your life. Stop saying that you can never find the right one "for me". When you do meet a special someone, you must realize that just like you are not particularly "for him" (or for her), s/he may not be made "for you". In actuality, no individual is made "for" someone. Each of you is created in your own uniqueness. You must honor yourself, respect yourself, be confident, and trust your gut feelings.

True love is built on those abovementioned qualities. When the Universe is ready to offer you an opportunity at love - true love - your gut will know it is the real deal. You may go through a number of relationships so you can grow into the person you need to be. You are not experiencing breakups because God is punishing you; nor is it because you are not good enough. Quite the contrary - in order to have and maintain a long-lasting, true love relationship, you must practice for the main event. You learn to truly appreciate and respect others when you have learned how to trust and give trust in return.

The quest is over, my friend. True love is not going to be found on a plane ride, boat ride, bus ride or train ride. You must only learn to be aware of those signals the universe is giving you. Sometimes those signals are subtle - like a friendly smile, a wave, a conversation, or something so unlikely that you would never have thought twice about it. The hard truth is that "true love" is often closer than you may realize. No, you will not "find" it in your mailbox; even less likely to find it in your refrigerator. (I know ice cream sounds too good to turn down when stressed.) Because you are so caught up in the game of cat and mouse - wondering if you will ever catch the love of your life, you stop seeing the obvious right in front in you. Stop chasing your own tail and start opening your eyes to the possibilities around you. True love may be closer than you think, and not so far away at all.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Saturday, January 25, 2014