Why not practice to live a life of self-empowerment and sound choices?

On our Facebook page and in various articles I often speak about connecting with your Power Angelswho are messengers of the Lord. They have been commissioned to come to Earth to give aid, support, encouragement and right vision to all of us.

My Power Angelfriends are my closest confidents! They are my special team, my private secretaries and my helpmates. I have spent a great deal of time introducing them to all of you because I want you, too, to share in the wealth of their guidance, information and support. Now you can tap into their energy daily by picking and reading one of the 28 inspirational Power Angels™ cards that I have created for adults. I actually have the Power Angel Cards designed to help children too as well as a similar set designed to offer empowerment to adults. I invite you to go to my Facebook fan page and/or our web site to see the cards and make your purchase www.powerangels.com. They are a great gift for all those who choose to heal your life, heal your body.

Why not practice to live a life of self-empowermentand sound choices?Purchase today a box of our adult power angel cards for yourself and all those whom you value and love. These inspirational cards are a constant reminder to you that YourPower Angelscan and will help support, encourage and improve your state of mind. When you change what you believe you change what you do.

While our Power angel Cards won't guarantee an improved state of mind, body or spirit, I know for sure they will help you change your point of view about your life as they give you encouragement, inspiration and an action plan to implement. They will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater peace of mind and contentment as you work towards healing your life and healing your body.

I have countless stories of Angels helping me in my daily live. Those of you who have taken classes with my daughter, Joan Marie Whelan, know she always talk about building a deep relationship with your Divine Team. We all need support, guidance and the wisdom to know we are never alone. The angels were sent to Earth to give us that guidance and encouragement. Every day I enjoy picking a card and connecting with my Power Angels™. They are an enormous help to me in my life.

The gift in teaming up with your Power Angelsis to help you raise your vibration, to tap into your own power at such a deep level that you become unstoppable. Every client I’ve worked with has been introduced to the angels. I utilize the gift of my Angels all the time.  It is a priority in my life to heal my life and heal my bodyand I am smart enough to know that I cannot do it alone.  I invite the Power Angels into my life to help me hear the truth and move forward with the best guidance and healing tools possible.

The images on our cards are designed to be child-like; however, the names come out of antiquity. Angels have been sent to Earth since the beginning of time to help us on our journey and they have never left!

I truly encourage you to gift yourself, the children in your life and those who need support and encouragement. The blessing of our amazing, fun and healing Power Angelcards can be felt all year long.  Go to www.powerangels.comto check out our Power Angels.


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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, March 12, 2019