Why is it important to heal your ancestral lineage line--your past?

Family heritageWe all have a lineage, a past that makes most of us proud as we were filled with stories of struggle, hardships and a strong sense of courage and determination from our Grandparents and/or parents. But along with those stories are a whole array of patterns and beliefs from the past that we don't like and want to forget.

Uncovering the past to heal the future is important simply because you are not your past.

There are also stories like:

-- Possibly your father was a man filled with anger and resentment most of the time and took to drinking to bury his own sorrow and pain. Then the cycle spirals down from there and the story becomes even more depressing.

--Your father's father had a similar story but, he didn't express the same anger; he was nonetheless bitter because of how his father treated him so he traveled for his business and was never home He escaped partly to hide from his own personal story so he allowed his business travels to cover up his personal discontent. He didn't know how to be a father to his own sons and the lineage line goes on and on until you, the present generation are faced with situations, issues that you don't understand but were faced with growing up. You have some sadness yourself and yes regrets and sometimes you don't know how to deal with them or even why they continually surface in your life.

--Possibly you had a mother who was beautiful, socially accepted and volunteered for numerous organizations but she was not emotionally available to you or possibly other siblings. Strict parents who said do what I say and don't ask questions made their life easier but caused some emotional baggage for their children. There is no judgment or blame here. The past generations were more rigid and less willing to communicate their feelings. In fact some older men today have been less than wonderful husbands and fathers because they were taught not to feel, not to get emotional and not to express themselves.

--Others have a background where one of the parents were sickly thus forcing you to help out in keeping the family together and constantly struggling to make sure there was sufficient food, clothing and a warm place to dwell.

If any of these scenarios ring a bell to you, then possibly you inherited some ancestral patterns that are not serving you today and quite possibly are the reasons that you are inclined to a specific attitude, behavior or belief. We all have heard the doctors say to patients: Tell me about your parents, what conditions did they have because most likely you will have the same conditions so I want to watch that. There are many cultures in the world that have strong ties to their ancestral lineage and abide strongly to how their ancestral roles are played out today. For most Americans,however, we have broken the ties of the past so that we could express our individuality and independence, yet that does not stop your mind and emotions from still holding on to many of the beliefs and patterns that have made you who you are today.

I am not here to remove any of the good and beautiful past cultural attitudes or patterns that you are proud of, but I am here to say that if there are issues or situations that are continually surfacing in your life today that are preventing you from experiencing your deepest joys or sense of wellbeing then my program is here to help you.


Sometimes we are totally unaware of the patterns and attitudes that are being played out every day that are actually sabotaging our lives and preventing our success. The success I speak to can be professional or personal and it can also be affecting your emotional, physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing.


Maybe you are plugging into the wrong story for you? My Lineage Legacy Weekend Retreat has been designed to show you HOW to release the past. Through the various exercises you will heal your ancestral lineage and gain a clear understanding of your heart map. We will be doing a cleansing of your heart and emotions so that now you will be able to walk free from the chains of the past that have bound you.

You will also learn why some behavioral patterns have been playing out for you or possibly another family member and once you learn and understand, you will be able to help them.

We all have experienced unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. Now is the time to release those patterns, heal them and open your heart space to receive love, light and abundance into your life.

The possibilities are endless and this change can happen to you. Make peace with your past now.

My Lineage Legacy Retreat weekend is September 27-28 in Redondo Beach, CA

The price until August 28 is only $ 595 for your seat in this weekend.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014