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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


To understand the reason and purpose behind this blog, I encourage you to start from the beginning. I know together, we can make a difference in the world.


I started this blog speaking about a 98-year-old woman by the name of Betty and how I got involved in her life. I haven't told you yet who I am; so I thought in this message today, I would tell you a little about me. I am Joan Marie Ambrose --I actually have two web sites that speak to the power of love, compassion, caring and sharing: www.childlikecreations.comfocuses on children and their caregivers and my other site:www.myserenityhouse.comfocuses on giving tools and guidance in ways that will help you strengthen your Inner Child - your Soul as you seek to experience inner peace and contentment.
My book: "Hello is Anybody Listening?"speaks to this topic as I share my story and those of clients that I have worked with over the years. Each one of us has a story that we either build upon daily or try to re-create so that we can experience what our heart's desire. I am no different.
For some time now I was struggling over the meaning of compassion and what compassion means to me. I tend to be hard on myself and I must admit on others too because I am always striving for perfection, you know - being the best that I can be. I realize that I am on this planet earth for a purpose and that I have a valuable function to perform or at least participate in. Having said that, I have dedicated my life to sharing love, hope and joyful possibilities with anyone who will listen. Without a doubt, I am a positive-thinking person and I believe in magical moments and miracles. In fact, I can truthfully say that I experience some kind of a miracle daily. I know that God, or whatever you identify as your Creator has got your back and that I nor you will never be deserted or abandoned. I feel the love and unconditional joy of my Creator in me, through me and around me as I experience the beauty of nature. But nonetheless, I am very human and I, like everyone else experience challenges and am aware of my shortcomings most of the time.
So as I go back to the word and its meaning of "Compassion", I found myself speaking to God and asking to be shown how I could be more compassionate. I felt that somehow I could not identify with its true meaning. Wow!When I ask, I do receive. How or when my involvement with Betty began is unimportant, it is the journey. I believe that it far superior to be an observer of life, not a participant. I tell others that we are livinginthis world but we are notofthis world; and when we can differentiate between the two, we are better prepared to fulfill our true purpose. Observing another person in her journey through life is more than fascinating; I find it thought provoking. It is not my job to judge another but it can be rewarding to guide others when and if they are ready to receive.

Betty was ready to receive. What started out as a friendly gesture by a neighbor became a Soul-searching experience for me - one that I am still attempting to examine, digest and process. I can honestly say that I now believe that I am a compassionate being who is willing to care and share with another in a nurturing and loving way. So God let's move on - I am ready to continue moving forward.

Yesterday was a pivotal day. I discovered that as ofthatday, the caregiver was going to be coming at least 6 days a week. While I was with Betty in the morning giving her the usual early morning food, the caregiver walked in and shared the news. I left the house shortly thereafter only to receive a phone call an hour later from my daughter saying that the police were at Betty's house.Did I know what was going on? I had no clue but I immediately walked down the block to discover that the caregiver called the police to tell them that she did not want me coming to Betty's house ever again.

The police were wonderful and most understanding. They informed me that as of this date, the caregiver and others would be with Betty around the clock and that she will be taken care of. I sincerely question the quality of the care but I also understand that my job is done. I accomplished my task of getting Betty help.
A little while later the police rang my doorbell and said:"We believe you accomplished what you set out to do and by the way, the caregiver is walking Betty around the block." WOW! With a smile on my face. I felt relieved and pleased that someone has taken notice of this lovely lady of 98 years of age.
Later that morning I received a phone call from the grandson-in-law of Betty who wanted to speak to me. We chatted for some time and I shared my concerns. I do not know if they will be taken to heart but only time will tell. I do know, however, that my firm words and concerns were not left on deaf ears.
So where do I go from here?Was this all about Betty or was it about my life's concerns and me? Will I continue to be an advocate for people of all ages who need a voice and must be heard? Tomorrow will bring another day and I, too, will continue to learn and grow as I myself journey into the unknown of growing older in a world that somehow doesn't take notice.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012