Why do you need to build your own legacy and the impact it will present on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

family tree blue tweetsWhat is Legacy? Legacy is defined as something you leave behind after you have died. I don't know about you, but I want to leave a legacy for my family to follow. I want my family to carry on after I am gone with the same values and principles that I have encouraged during my lifetime. I have been working diligently in this lifetime to raise my awareness and my energy field to understand with greater wisdom the How's and Why's of my existence and my purpose for being here in the first place. I didn't come to earth to waste my gifts or talents but I rather believe that I have been born to impart some wisdom and knowledge to others, to support them and help them on their journey and to be a good example to others.

As I have grown in this knowledge and understanding I have fine tuned my perception of life and I have become an ardent observer of people, their behavior and their emotional blocks. I sense their feelings and I can tell when people are happy or sad, no matter how hard they try to hide them. Many people believe that if they can leave money as an inheritance to there loved ones they have accomplished much. I believe that if I can leave behind a strong sense of well-being and show others how to live in improved health not only of body but of mind and spirit then I believe I have accomplished much.

We all have witnessed the sins of our past lineage. I want to move beyond those emotional traumas and beliefs and encourage as well as support a better way of living which includes the caring of others and the sharing with them the natural gifts that I have been blessed to enjoy.

blue_tree_Each one of us have learned many lessons from the past which have shown us how to live in the present and better prepare ourselves for the future. The Ecologists tell us that a young tree grows better when planted in an area with older trees for the simple reason that roots of the young tree mingle with those of the old and learn how to grow deeper and stronger. I believe it is our responsibility to show the next generation a better way of living a healthier way of thinking and an improved way of interconnection so that they, too, can go and build on the foundation that I (we) have laid.

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Friday, September 5, 2014