Who is winning the battle?

Praise godAre you trying to prove to God that you are bigger, better and smarter then he is or are truly wise and know that God is in control of everything? We may not like the situation that we are faced with today, but we MUST take a step back and learn the lessons that God is hoping to teach us. If God did not know that you are worth the effort, He would not be working so diligently with you trying to teach you your life lessons. But please know that He is a TOUGH LOVE God. He will not give up on you until you get it!

#BELIEVE me when I say, I understand your pain and your frustration but when you finally surrender to the power of God, your life will begin to improve one step at a time. What you are experiencing right now are life lessons. When you finally learn your lesson, you will move away from that experience but until you learn it, it will be repeated over and over again until you get it. It is like taking an exam, if you fail it on the first try, you get another change to get it right.

I encourage you to slow down, redirect your energy, refocus your attention and give serious consideration to the way you think, act and believe. God's vision for your life is much bigger than yours and He sees you doing amazing things.

We are all tested every day, those test are placed in front of us to help develop our character. Learn to pass the test instead of complaining about what you are going through. Learn to make the changes that will enable you to move to the next level and the next opportunity. You can be headstrong and say you are going to do it your way or you can be smart and say you surrender to the power of God and do it His way.

I realize for me that God is teaching me to be patient and more considerate. Those challenges or obstacles will continually be placed in front of me until I learn my lesson from them. It is my job, my responsibility to grow from those situations and learn my lesson well. Then I can move on to the next obstacle or level and pass that test too.

There are different levels that we can grow into. If you choose to do nothing, you will not move from the struggles or situation that you are facing today but if you are willing to learn and grow, you will soon become a shinning star that God created to shine brightly for all to see. God wants us to do bigger and better things. Our lives are definitely being shaped and molded towards what God's vision is of us. God is working to help us grow and be the best that we can be after all, that is why we all came to Earth in the first place.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, September 22, 2014