Who do you love ?

I love me graphicIn his popular hit song, Bo Diddley asks the question, "Who do you love?" Today, I'm going to ask you the same question: Who do "YOU" love? Now I'm going to give you the right answer: "You." You must love yourself first to achieve the joy, inner peace and happiness in your life. Don't think it's selfish to love yourself. In truth, we cannot love anyone else without first feeling that same love for self. It also holds true for if you do not honor and respect yourself, you cannot give those characteristic traits and benefits to others.

When we are in balance and in harmony with the Universal Force, the Creator, we are love. Do you realize that we are born of love and one day we all will return to this love? The only question we will have to respond to is: "Have we loved with a kind heart?" There is great power in love and when we expend loving energy to others, we have the power to shift their energy in a positive way. I have experienced on numerous occasions in my life the power of sending love energy to those who have been difficult, angry and resentful and also down right mean and I have seen how those negative people shifted and become tolerable and even agreeable. All I did was send concentrated intentions of love to the person and I sent the intention to shower them in loving energy. Never underestimate the power of ���love' energy. "Nothing beats love, love is the greatest healing power there is, and nothing else comes close. Not ancient cures, modern medicines and technologies, or all the interesting books we read or the wise things we say and think. Love has a transformational power."-- Naomi Judd

Many people including some of my family members have laughed at me as I discussed the value of self-love and it power. I speak to my body and let it know that I love it and am grateful that I have the body that has treated me well through good health, nice skin, good looks and on and on. All those who have laughed at me have had sickness, disease and severe health condition including the deformities of their fingers due to severe arthritis.

I know that through the practice and/or ritual that I do on a daily basis, I have been able to enjoy a healthy body, mind and spirit. In my book: "Hello, is Anybody Listening" I have shared the exercises that I use on a daily basis to let my body know that I care about it. I call it my early morning meditation with self because that is the time that I clear the rubbish from my mind. Then I am better mentally and emotionally prepared to rise above various situations that arise, and enjoy the beauty of my body and mind that is made up feeling freedom-6of me. This is what being in love with yourself is all about - it's about being comfortable in your own skin. I want you to ask yourself, "Who do YOU love?" And when you do, I want you to acknowledge that it's" YOU" who matters; and "YOU", who hold the key to your fortune in good health, that is emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. You are, after all, a spiritual being capable of greatness in every way. Go ahead - love yourself today.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014