Who is in charge of your life you or your health issues?

Who is in charge of your life you or your health issues? One of my clients recently stated that he could not be an active participant in our programs because he has been sick. In truth he has been sick for over 10 years on and off again but his problems flare up even more when he feels challenged, insecure and vulnerable. He is challenged to show up and take control of his life, challenged to take responsibility for his attitude and behavior and of course challenged if anyone asks too much of him. So again I ask the question, do you believe this person is in control over his life?

His partner is angry for always taking care of him but they together created the dynamics of the life that they live. One is perpetually sick and the other is always there to pick up the pieces. They are both angry of their present situation and both of them resent the lack of intimacy in their relationship yet again, the question arises, and who is in charge of their lives?

Wow! What they have created and are living out is a very unhealthy relationship where they both want to change what they have created yet unable to see a way out. When I look at the people involved in this story and I am sure there are many others in the world with similar stories, I ask the question: " Do they have a lifestyle disease?" I do believe that sometimes, sickness and dis-ease in the mind, body and spirit are self-inflicted. We create the mess that we are in simply because we continually think those thoughts and therefore create them in our reality.

If we could change a person's thought and beliefs we most certainly could change their lives and their state of well being at the same time. That is an amazing thought.

When a person(s) decides to believe in themselves, they change the dynamics of their lives and their state of affairs. Any life changes that we truly want to make begins first in your belief; if you do not believe that you are worthy, capable, deserving or ready to heal, receive the promotion or whatever it is that you are seeking, you will not be able to attract that energy

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have freewill and at any moment you can say- yes or no to your personal healing and growth. Unfortunately too many of us do not understand that truth and therefore never reach that plateau. As always the choice come down to ���you'.

I have discovered for me, that I needed to visualize what it was that I wanted to accomplish or have. If I was not able to visualize that it belonged to me, I was unable to attract that energy and therefore, I was also unable to manifest it. It wasn't until I believed in my abilities, talents and knew in my heart that I was deserving to receive, that my energy shifted; then and only then was I prepared to bring my desired goals or dreams into my reality. When you understand the power of your beliefs, you are better prepared to manifest your dreams for in truth there is no dream that you cannot make come true.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012