Which side of the grass are you focusing on?

Monday, March 19, 2012

As I was speaking to a friend the other day and inquired how he was doing, his comment was: "Well, I am still on this side of the grass, so I guess I am doing okay!" His words brought a chuckle to my mouth but at the same time it bought a sigh to my heart. He has been fighting poor health for some years, which has limited his quality of life, yet his sense of humor is still intact. This man has spent most of his adult life looking on the outside of himself for answers to his circumstances. Even though, others and myself suggested that he might be able to find
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solutions within himself, he has never been willing to go there. In truth, there really are no right or wrongs in life; simply experiences that we choose to partake in on a daily basis.

I have often wondered if we were taught while in our informative years more about the workings of the inner mind and consciousness, would we be better prepared to seek out those experiences that bring us greater joy and laughter rather than accept what we believe to be the inevitable pain and suffering?
My friend has blamed his misfortunes on genetics, DNA and his heredity background that has predisposed his current situation. I look at those words and their meaning and then focus on traits that have a greater influence on my way of living such as how I feel, act and think on a moment-by-moment basis. While our genetic makeup contributes to our overall life's outcome, I also believe that our attitude, behavior and environment also play a huge role in determining how we create and react with the various forces at play.
The complexity of life and our participation in it may be overwhelming to some but nonetheless; it is truly an interesting journey. Unfortunately, we spend so much time and energy reading and interacting with the fictional material that floats through the airwaves of our existence yet we fail to recognize and edit the real-life episode that each one of
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us is playing out on a daily basis. If we did, we just might have a best seller on our hands.

I have learned from watching this person's behavior is that he is a victim to the circumstances of the outside world. It has always been someone else's fault and he has never taken the time to make the situation about him or to even look at where he places his own power.
Life is about its peaks and valleys. We all have mountains to climb; however, I have seen so many people thrive in spite of what is happening to them and around them. I invite you to take the time to see where you place your power and what you are truly doing to make sure the story that you are writing is what you want to experience.
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Monday, March 19, 2012