Where do you think your thoughts come from?

We all have them. Some of our ideas are absolutely brilliant and can change the world while others are less impacting but nonetheless serve a purpose. When you get a brilliant idea, do you say: "Wow, I am such a genius?" or are you filled with gratitude that the Universal Intelligence gifted you with a great thought? The important thing is to realize that you will be fed all the right ideas and creative thoughts that will help you succeed and experience your joy and all you need to do is be awake and sufficiently alert to listen and act upon them.

If you feel as though your life is one big struggle then maybe you are hanging onto ideas, thoughts or beliefs that are not serving you and your future success. Don't try to push the envelope and make it happen. If something is meant for you it will happen at the right time and place. I know from my own experience and wants that I have, on numerous occasions tried to make something happen and all that actually happened was I became more and more frustrated, annoyed with my self and my life and yes even questioned my connection with my Higher Intelligence. My impatience is a problem and one that I need to handle better. It is calmness and trust in the power of God (or whomever you call the Higher Intelligence) that I need to believe in and have faith. If you are a person of integrity the right people will come into your path; believe that you will be shown the way and then stay vigilant.

I was recently out to lunch enjoying good and fun conversation. I didn't finish all of my meal and decided to take it home for another day. I remember bringing the bag into the car but somehow I forgot to bring the bag into the house. Twice the thought of the food surfaced in my head but both times I ignored the subject and got caught up in something else. It wasn't until the next day that I thought about the food but by then it was too late. It had sat in the back of my car for over 12 hours in the heat. I was annoyed at myself but I had no one to blame but me. I simply ignored the message. This may seem like a silly example but believe me, if we ignore the little messages and thoughts in life we will never be prepared to receive the big and possibly grander messages.

Each one of us is like a magnet drawing to us that which we are continually placing our focus on. When we dwell on the negative we are demagnetizing our magnet. Your attitude is what will draw all good things to you or away from you. The power of your magnet is being turned up or down and you hold the control button.

If you are looking to solve a problem or hone in on a situation that you are hoping will be beneficial to you then you best understand this concept and use it to the best of your ability. Whatever we focus on or bring our attention to will be realized; so if you are constantly thinking that you are lacking the wisdom or the manpower or that you are continually in fear, that is what you are magnetizing. When you are in that state of mind, it is difficult to bring in good and productive ideas. For every negative thought that you entertain you can spend the same amount of energy thinking of the positive opposite and make your magnet draw to you what your heart desires great ideas.

Ideas come into our conscious mind on a regular basis so if you want to experience all that has been earmarked for you by the Universal Intelligence, be conscious of where you thoughts are coming from and make sure you are magnetizing towards you those thoughts and ideas that will be rewarding.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, August 7, 2013