Where are your thoughts leading you?

Positive thinkingI often hear how clients feel saddened, angry and frustrated because they don't feel prosperous or able to maintain a financially stable lifestyle. My question to you is: "What does prosperity look like to you? As an intuitive and business coach, I hear all about the fears that many have but seldom do I hear that people are content or at least at peace with where they are right now. Life was not meant to be free from challenges. Even the wealthiest people in the world feel challenged, frustrated and seek something else yet if we placed our focus on feeling a powerful sense of inner peace and calm, we would actually be enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

So what does prosperity mean to you? Are you craving material riches, wealth and prosperity or are you seeking spiritual enrichment and inner peace? Many people want money-money-money so they can possess all the material goods their heart desires, while others seek contentment and the ability to know that all of their needs are taken care of. So I ask you to define for yourself what it is you are hoping to achieve for your life.

I find for me that I need to enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace and joy. I trust and believe that God is taking care of all of my needs. Yes, I also aspire to have many material goods and services that will make my life more fulfilled but I refuse to go into stress, worry or anger if the time table doesn't match the one God has created for me. I do my part by taking an active role in my life and I stay vigilant.

As always we all get to choose that which we are seeking but I truly believe that it is far healthier in life to work with God and His time frame than to go into negativity because in negative emotions lives dark and harmful experiences that I want to avoid at all cost. I do not choose to get sick or live in resentment, worry or anger. Remind yourself frequently aboutsuccess where are your thoughts leading you? Hopefully that will help you find the right state of mind and the right experiences that you want to encounter.

Are you using your senses, your innate gifts to magnetically draw what you desire into your energy field? As you sharpen your intuition, you should allow it to help you transform your mind and focus to expect that all good things are coming to you now. Choose carefully your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Then, like a magnet that draws to itself like energy, draw in that magnetic energy to you. As you begin to fine-tune your intuitive skills you soon will realize that you are learning how to manifest your dreams and/or desires. Believe nothing can stand in the way of all good things coming to you now. Know in your heart this is the truth!

Continue developing your mental state of mind; allowing your mind to richly serve you. As an Intuition Conscious person be open to new opportunities, events and circumstances for increasing wealth and success in life. Expect new possibilities opening and entering your life. As a Intuition Expert, there may be changes and choices to consider to keep this powerful energy activated. Being a Intuition Expert takes diligent focus of your intention. Be deliberate in maintaining rich thoughts, feelings and images. Consciously send that energy out into the ethers of the Universe. Continue to do your daily routine, knowing that your message, your life's dreams and desires are being heard and picked up.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, October 15, 2014