Where are you placing your focus?

set goalsThe focus is always on the goal, the vision - the mission. Where do you place your focus daily? How badly do you want to achieve your goals? I, myself have faced many challenges in my life and believe me when I say that the challenges follow you daily. The difference between being "Extraordinary" and simply "Ordinary" on a daily basis is your mindset.

Do you have a vision - a misson that you sincerely and seriously want to follow and achieve? Well what is standing in your way?

Make today the first day of your new way of thinking. Be proud of who you are and where you are going. Make a plan know your purpose listen to your messages and follow your heart as you fulfill your dreams. Nothing is impossible to those who believe. Be a believer in you. Get to know your inner most thoughts. Believe that what ever you want is possible. Set your intention. Accept the challenges that face you daily and know that all challenges bring forth opportunities. Please do not be afraid of the unknown, for the unknown of today is the glory of the known for tomorrow." Be adventurous! Make life fun, not a burden. When you make the mindset to seek adventure and reject the feelings of burdensome and overload magic happens. It is all in the mindset. Where is your mind today?

Are you willing to chase your dreams? I don't know about you, my dear friends but I for one am in the driver seat of my life and I am going full throttle ahead. I am willing to do my work. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually getting in shape to jump the hurdles, trudge through the muddy waters, and climb the mighty mountains.

I have a vision, I have a goal and yes, I have set my intention. I am a winner. Follow my story as so many have followed the stories of all the great athletes and leaders of the world because I am ready to make history. I hope you, too, are preparing to do the same. www.joanmariewhelan.com


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014