When you change your DNA, you alter your outcome

We are all born with our own set of DNA; our own unique traits that define who we are. Science has proven over the years that we can actually change our DNA and thus alter our behavior, our thoughts and our destiny. So that even if we are born into a family that

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thrives on negativity, anger, yelling, bickering and numerous other dark-sided thoughts, we can change our behavior and thoughts in a positive manner. When we send positive signals that tell our mind, heart and body that we choose to improve the quality (of our lives by changing the way we see the world), we can.

When we begin to integrate into our daily routine gratitude with simplicity - order with balance and harmony - beauty with laughter and joy; we change. It is actually a very simple formula. When we pay attention to lack we diminish our vision and our experiences; and when we focus on a sense of abundance, it increases. When we incorporate the above attributes into our daily living, we transform both physically and spiritually.

The Institute of HeartMath has been studying and researching the relationship between our heart intelligence and stress management and how we can alter our well-being and our DNA blueprint by consciously paying attention to our emotional state of mind and where we place our focus.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, an internationally renowned cellular biologist has been one of the most vocal speakers on the subject of our heart and mind connection and how we can alter our DNA by altering our beliefs. He has said that when we consciously change the way we feel and believe about a specific topic or issue, we actually can change the outcome.

How many times in life have you heard stories about how a particular practitioner told a patient that they were going to die and that prediction actually precipitated the outcome? When we humans believe in something so strongly, we self-prophesize; our minds are powerful instruments that can shift results. Research has proven that the power of intentional thoughts and emotions do influence strands of our DNA and thus alter the outcome.

We have the ability to train our minds to take conscious action. Through our positive intention, we send energy out into the airwaves that begins to attract like energy in return and thus helps to attract that which we are seeking. So if you are seeking good health, more happiness, fun or simple joy in your life, you must consciously pay attention and set your thoughts or intention on how you hope to manifest. Our focused attention is energy, which brings into play the Law of Attraction, which in turn pulls in what we desire. It is like a magnet.

If you wish to strengthen your intention to create your desired outcome, I encourage you to change your daily routine to integrate the simple principles that I mentioned about. Incorporate gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty and joy into your life because when you do your life will improve and shift.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, June 5, 2012