When the Universe speaks to you, there are no buts!


that make any sense to you? You see, I was doing a meditation today and during the process of me going within, I heard a voice tell me that everything was going to be all right---that what I was seeking was also seeking me. I found those thoughts to be profound and comforting but as I often do when I am meditating, I find myself adding the word ���But'.

It is as if I need to argue with God about what I am feeling or thinking or anticipating. How often do you ask for help and assistance and find yourself adding ���But'?

We seek the guidance and we definitely need the help yet we are continually interjecting our two cents worth as if we have the better answer.

I started to think how we humans live in so much fear that we sometimes cannot get out of our own way yet we always have an opinion to add to the mix even though we know deep within our hearts that we actually have no clue how to resolve the situation.

I have caught myself on numerous occasions adding the word ���But' after God has spoken to me and I must admit I am embarrassed. How brash it is of me to think that I know more than God yet again I continually put my two-cents into our conversations. My doubts and fears seem to be greater than I ever thought possible. I also have loads of excuses that open the door to additional excuses that add to my ���but' you don't understand or ���but' I see it this way.

The next question to ask myself is: "When is this going to stop"?

When will I feel save enough to let go and let God carry me?

That is a huge undertaking and a huge release of my ego mind that is always trying to keep me in that state of fear and worry.

Oh God, I know how inadequate I am and how helpless I am, so I ask you one more time to give me another chance to prove to you that I truly do trust you and believe that you have my back that you will not let me down and that what I am seeking is actually seeking me. With your help, I know I can do it. Anyway, I want to keep trying and I am working at eliminating all my resistance.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012