When nothing is certain, everything is possible

Repeat those words over and over again until they are absorbed within your conscious and sub-conscious mind. It is a place where magic can unfold if you believe that it is possible. In truth, life is full of possibilities if you are willing to be open and flexible to walk into the arena of the unknown.

In my life experiences I am discovering daily that when I am flexible and open to step into the unknown, I am always pleasantly surprised. You never know what you will learn when you speak to someone new. New possibilities, new ideas and new friendships open up for me daily when I am physically, emotionally and mentally available.

Don't be one of those people who say it has to be only my way or I won't move forward. That type of personality is closed off to receiving new possibilities. That type of personality is not a trusting person and that type of personality is blocked by ego centered beliefs that bind and stifle growth.

When I feel my solar plexus and my stomach

tightening up I realize that I am feeling uncomfortable and sometimes fearful. Those signs are a signal to me that I need to loosen up and step out of my comfort zone.

Over time, my ability to step out and walk into the unknown has become easier. Even the most seasoned speaker and/or performer share that they feel anxious when preparing to step into the public eye;

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that is part of our nature but it can be overcome when we learn to stay calm, grounded and focused.

We all have experienced growing pains in our lives because again that is part of the nature of things in life and it is the universe's way of trying to get our attention. If we are unwilling to take a chance with life, life cannot be experienced to the fullest. Our joys and expectations cannot be fulfilled without some discomfort and pain as we step on the unknown pathways. It is only on those pathways that new possibilities and opportunities are advertised on the build board of life. A revelation that I have been shown might also be of value to you. When I speak of pain, I am not speaking of physical pain but rather the emotional discomfort that I feel by being vulnerable moving into a territory that is not familiar to me. More often than not, I am finding that my new experiences have nothing to do with pain or fear; instead I am finding that the joy and delight that follow far outweighs my anxiety. That is a wonderful realization where learning and growth has made me a more fulfilled person. This is a journey that we all will or can experience when we get excited about new creative ideas and possibilities opening up for us.

I have knowingly and

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willingly placed myself on many different pathways during my lifetime because I wanted to grow and experience new endeavors. I encourage you to do the same because if you are afraid of change or don't want to experience pain you will miss out on what the universe has in store for your life.

There is always a caveat - you must be open to change. If your mind is closed off and your energy blocked you will not be capable of receiving the clues that the universe has ready for you. Following clues of life requires you to be an open vessel and ready to draw on the energy of strength and courage. Then all those joy filled expectations will be available to you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013