When do you know that you need to do some healing?


When do you know that you need to do some healing?

For me the answer was simple: Healing = Freedom

By connecting with your ancestors and your lineage in a profound way, you are better able to embrace pure love, compassion and a clear understanding of why and how things were done in the past. You also might be recalling in your mind's eye past experiences that seem to haunt you. Unless we can know their story and comprehend the breath and depth of their own personal pain and challenges, we cannot grasp the real reasoning or scenario to what happened before us and sometimes to us. I believe that in order for a pure healing to take place, it is time to forgive those in the past who hurt us, injured us, abused us or cause us pain for any reason. You will be able to release them and heal yourself and by doing so, you are cutting the ties from the past that have been choking you, so to speak and stopping you from living your life for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way. Now is the time to break any energetic cords or patterns that no longer serve you. Clearing and cleansing your ancestral lineage frees you to create your own legacy and leave for your children a heritage that will make you proud as it also give them something wonderful to build upon.

HEAL IMAGEPart of our life's patterns come from our genetic inheritance. What this means is that where there was traumas, problems or severe types of behavior that occurred with one or more of your ancestors, those experiences could have been passed down to future generations. Not everyone receives the seeds of the past behaviors or patterns, however, unless this energy is healed, cleared and cleansed, it will continue on and on because we are energy beings and we resonate with the patterns of our family line. This energy is constantly being transferred from generation to generation and unless the chain of events or energetic behaviors and/or patterns are broken, destroyed and transformed, they will continue to be played out today.

When you think about it, the benefits for personal healing are awesome! You not only have the opportunity to heal yourself but those who have gone before you thus cleansing the energy of your lineage line on that particular issue. That in itself is worth the price of admission!

I want to meet you and work with you. I can help you start living and release the suffering that has challenged you and your life. Your time is NOW!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014