What is the meaning of Halloween?

pumpkin art imageHalloween came from the "All Hallows Evening, the night before all Saints day in Christianity when we as people get to remember the dead, our martyrs and all those who were faithful and good beings. This day is recognized in numerous countries inthe world but I can only speak to America where it has taken off in a huge and Big Business fashion. Typically Halloween festivities includes trick-or-treating by the children but today I think it is an occasion where most adults make it a time of venting and releasing their own anxieties and scary lives as they attempt to proclaim a theme of humor and sometimes ridiculousness to confront the emotions that seem to be challenging their lives.

Adults and children alike enjoy putting on a costume and pretending that they are someplace else or someone else. Everyone likes a good time, candy and a party, so is it any wonder that it has grown into a very profitable day. Even though Halloween is not an official holiday, most places of business recognize Halloween in some format; some people dress up, offer sweets and treats and create a festive environment. It actually is a good way to build morale and foster fun and laughter.

We have begun to make the pumpkin the symbol of Halloween from pumpkin flavored ice cream and coffee to pumpkin flavored cocktails. In America the early settlers used the pumpkin to carve out Jack-O'-Lanterns to light the way for the children to find you and their treats.


It has been said that Halloween is second to only Christmas in spending by consumers. Whether you like this day and what is has become in our Country, you cannot deny that it certainly generates a spirit of fun and the frivolous as people use their imagination to create an atmosphere of weird and often the ridiculous.

Happy Halloween to all of you!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Friday, October 31, 2014