what is a heart map?


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I will be teaching the heart map during my 2-Day Weekend Retreat in September. Do you know ?Inside your heart lie all the answers! It is where your secret treas

ure lives. It is the place where all your hurts, pain and What If's live. Your heart feels your emotional state, your voice and yet it has a voice too and listens to your thoughts.

Youris a place in your body where the root cause of your energy patterns that affect your DNA and cells grow. It can create the greatest blessings in your life or cause you to have the greatest havoc.

Many of us have been talking through our problems, mastering our minds and all our thoughts in the name of hope so as to gain a better life for ourselves and to heal our problems. The only thing with having our mind rule our lives and deal with our problems is that it creates an over active reaction or stimulation that forces us to feed and focus on more problems and situations instead of connecting deeply to the source where all the answers lie - within our heart.

It is time for you to truly understand all the steps needed to achieve a healthy attitude and mind, as well as a healthy body so as to create a path that will lead you to your true healing. The only way to do this is through your heart!

To understand your heart map is to truly understand you at a more intimate level. This is what I will be teaching at my Lineage Legacy Retreat 2-day Weekend in Redondo Beach, CA on September 27-28.

I am inviting you to join me. Allow me to help you understand and finally receive the HEALING that you have prayed for and are seeking. www.lineagelegacyretreat.com

"It's time to get to the Heart of the Matter".


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Monday, September 15, 2014