What happened to your dreams?

We all have them but too often we discount them and don't believe that they can be achieved at least in this lifetime. Where do you think your dreams originate? Believe it or not they originated with God your Creator He implanted them in your mind and heart because he believes in your potentiality and he knows what you are capable of achieving in this lifetime.

Did you realize that you have the power to complete and bring to fruition your dreams? If they were brought into your mind then they are there because you deserve to enjoy their benefits. In other words, they are something that is meant to be. That is why it is important that you stay the course---keep believing --- and refuse to give up.

If you think you are going in the wrong direction, reorganize your thoughts, make a course correction but do not give up on the dream. We all receive setbacks in our lives but the wise person is the one who recovers regains his/her composure and makes what ever changes are necessary to pick your self back up, brush yourself off and continue on the journey. You have the right and the power to fulfill your destiny. Nothing is impossible if you believe in the power of God who is there to assist you on your path. Even if your lifehasn'tturned out the way you had wanted, remember it is not over yet maybe it is not happening in your timing but it will finish and be competed in God's time if you don't give up.

There will always be voices trying to tell you that you are going in the wrong direction You are not always sure if you are doing the right thing---but you must be a believer and in spite of what you feel or what you think and what others say, it is helpful to truly believe that what you have dreamt about and what you have wanted to fulfill will come to pass. Believe and trust in God---Do not falter from the course---be persistent be disciplined and be a believer.

Did you loose your fire, your spirit? You know you had a dream---you tried and itdidn'twork out but don't get discouraged. How many times in life have you seen people on the side of the road with a flat tire? Sure it is upsetting and frustrating but they don't simply walk away from their automobile, they found a solution and fixed it. That is what you must do if or when your dream has fallen by the wayside. Your courage and strength might be challenged but you must remain a believer in your capabilities and your life.

It is a truth that everything you need is already in your future. Your job is to believe that it is still possible and then follow the clues until you find the right pathway to follow.

I have frequently suggested to people that there are times in our lives when we need to keep our heart's desires, our dreams, to our self. In other words, don't share your goal with another who just might negate your hopes, attempt to destroy your trust or beliefs. Don't send your positive energy out into the world where others can weaken it and take it away from you. Some dreams or promises are meant only for you to see and hear. It is between you and your God. Invite a support team from the other realm to help you and give you insight in the way to reach and fulfill your dream. Angels are wonderful messengers from God. If and when you utilize their services, you will discover that your life will actually change in wondrous ways.

You have the ability to stir up what God has placed in your heart. Believe what God started in you life, he will not rest until you take up the mantle work it and bring it to completion. God believes in you so the question to ask yourself is: "Do you?"

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, May 16, 2013