What is the glue that holds you together?

Too often we find ourselves falling apart at the seams - feeling frazzled and even unable to keep going. When that happens to you, how do you deal? Some people revert to drinking others take a pill to calm and relax them and then there are those who say let me do something just for me that will make me feel whole. Wow! Does that make any sense to you? Well, evidently there are some people out there who do just that. They call it "Putting myself first." By doing something special for yourself, like going to the gym and exercising, making a wholesome meal that pleases or taking a warm bubble bath and relaxing in candlelight helps change your mood and improve your energy level. These are all action steps that show self-love and compassion during stressful times. When we do something for ourselves that allows our minds and bodies to feel connected and stronger, we actually send healing messages to our immune system as well as our cells. In truth, all these steps help us strengthen our inner core as we attempt to hold ourselves together physically, emotionally and mentally.

Self-approval and acceptance are key ingredients for feeling happy, healthy and valued in life. When we accept ourselves for who we are we are saying that we are able to embrace all facets of ourselves that is the positive and negative aspects of self. That acceptance and realization is powerful in the whole process of keeping the glue healthy and strong. It is through our unconditional acceptance of self that we acknowledge without limitations our true essence. Powerful thoughts! This realization and acceptance is a huge ingredient of how we hold ourselves together during challenging times as well as during celebratory times. How we were treated or acknowledge during our informative years is also vital towards our overall feelings of worth yet, I know from personal experience that we have built into our human psyche all the tools that we need to push through our self-doubts.

We all agree that some days are harder than others, that is why it is important to have some tools or aids in place that we can fall back on in time of need. I know that there have been many times when I have felt anxious and restless without any obvious reason for my reaction. Instead of falling into a funk, I work on centering myself as I create a shift in my energy. Become proactive in your life and choices. Divert your attention from feeling inadequate to thinking of 3 reasons why you are

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valuable and worthy. For example, you can say: I am kind and considerate towards others; I am a good listener and friend, I encourage others and help them feel valued.

Reach out to that one person who always supports you and soak up their encouraging words. As far as I am concerned, everything in life is an experience. Some of them we are proud about and others we wish never happened yet in truth, they are only experiences. Stop beating yourself up and refuse to put you down. There is no reason to feel guilty or disengaged and please do not compare you with others. You are your best asset, value you, respect you and love you because you are the glue who keeps you together.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, January 29, 2013