What exactly is a Legacy Map?

Question: What exactly is the Legacy Map?

The legacy map is a symbolic drawing or depiction of your personal journey through life. Its purpose is to enable you to explore the various pathways that will guide and direct you through the many channels or stages of life that we all travel through in order to reach our destination, our true purpose. As we work together during this weekend, I will be showing you how to read your map and how to position the various landmarks that will help you travel with ease and comfort.

This Map is about you - your visions - your desires and your wishes. It allows you to see clearly and answer the "Why" question:"why did you come back to earth and what is your purpose to fulfill on earth?"

Each one of us has a purpose for coming back and each of us has an assignment to fulfill that is yours alone to accomplish! The key to unlocking the door to your success of emotional, financial, spiritual freedom is to understand yourtrue purpose, know your Soulandcreate the blueprint that will define your legacy!

A critical focal point of your Legacy Life Map is highlighted around your Divine team. When I refer to your Divine Team, I mean the Christ Consciousness within you plus the Mother Mary Consciousness together with your Spirit guides and Angels. They are the ones who make up my Divine Team. Whether you are consciously aware or not, we all have a Divine Team around us working to help us receive the blessings that were ear-marked specifically for us. If you invite your Divine Team into your life and into this process of creating your Legacy Map, you will soon discover that your life will improve a hundred fold because they will become your support team and will give you added encouragement, inspiration and a real sense of belonging that is most gratifying.

There are times where we feel like we are alone and nobody hears us or understands us in the moment. I can say with great assuredness that your Divine Team is always with you. You actually can call on them and ask them specifically for help or inspiration on a given subject and watch what happens.

As part of my Lineage Legacy Retreat 2-Day Weekend on September 27-28 in Redondo Beach, CA, you will receive first hand guidance in developing your Legacy Life Map. I am dedicating this time for you and I will be personally helping you.

Make your reservations today and believe that your life will improve, because I can guarantee that it will without a doubt.

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Friday, September 19, 2014