What does happiness mean to you?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Betty appeared to be happy most of the time. She delighted in seeing people and she loved to sit by the window to watch who was passing by. She

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was alone most of the time so I believe she needed to occupy her time so she didn't dwell on the loneliness that filled most of her day. Over the years, she made many choices that resulted in the state that she created

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for herself today.

Happiness is a quality that grows from within and permeates outward through our mind, body and spirit. It is the pursuit of happiness that most of us seeks that enables us to look at the brighter side of life, yet when you are living alone and have limited resources at your disposal, your ability to enjoy that freedom is restricted.
I am addressing this topic today because I want to remind you as you get older to continue to pursue all those joyful possibilities that will enhance your life and enable you to feel happy because happiness is
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a choice.

We too often get lazy and sedentary in our ways, thinking that it doesn't matter any more, but that belief is further from the truth. Daily you need to live your life with passion and purpose. It is from that place of feeling empowered that you as an individual can maintain a happy balance for your life. An example of this feeling can best be explained by my personal observations.
While I was at the gym the other day taking an exercise class, I observed how many of the people participated. Some were doing the workout with fire within their core. It encouraged me to follow their lead and try to match it. I realized that I could do better if I really wanted to, I have a choice and I was the one who needed to decide if I wanted to push my self harder. The benefits were mine alone to enjoy. Other individuals were making the gesture in a nonchalant fashion that seemed to say: I am here so don't ask me to do anything more. They preferred engaging in a conversation with anyone who would listen.
Our mind and body will perform in the manner that we program them; if you regularly feed you mind and body uplifting, positive energy that nurtures, encourages and enriches your life, you will have those types of experiences. You need a body on fire and a mind that fuels that fire if you want to enjoy a life of joy and happiness. It all starts on the inside and only then can it flow outward. It is not the other way around.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012