What are your thoughts on anger?

Anger in itself is not evil -it is the many shades of anger that causes disharmony and often violence in the world. We all get angry from time to time and that is okay. It is, however, when we allow our angry feelings to take over our lives that anger becomes something that needs to be brought into balance. Like everything else in our lives, balance and boundaries is what each one of us needs to understand in order to be mindful. Our goal should always be focused on the experience that brings forth perfect harmony in all that we are and do.

Even God in the Bible got angry, so please do not feel that your anger is necessarily a problem. There are times when anger is beneficial to help you and me create the fuel inside of us, the passion that moves us towards our goals. Anger can help us step up and finally speak up to what we believe is important. Please note; however, that the key is to not express yourself through anger but to help you express your feelings and to move towards your goal and purpose. It would be valuable to also note that when anger is used to injure or mane others in a vindictive and destructive way, we have crossed the line because that is when anger becomes abusive and dangerous.

When anger is expressed in a purpose filled way, it always produces positive change and that is good. I know that it takes a lot for me to get angry but when I do, I become explosive. That is when I need to let others know exactly how I feel and that I mean business. At that moment, I have a strong message to share and I allow my anger to set the stage for what I want to get across. I actually do not like getting angry because I expend a great deal of energy that I find exhausting. For me it is nothing about guilt or shame but merely used as a tool to let others know that I must be taken seriously.

If you are a person who gets angry easily and uses your anger to put others down and insult, I encourage you to seek help. Once you can identify with the source of your anger which is usually yourself, you are better able to change your abusive behavior and improve your outcome. Like everything else in life, when we understand the why in why we do things, we are better equipped to make the needed change.

The ideal situation is in establishing the proper boundaries. If and when you can identify with what triggers your anger, you can start to make a conscious effort to improve. Remember, everything in life requires our conscious attention. I ask you to pay attention to the cause of your anger but also to identify what your intention is when you allow your anger to justify the means.. For when we are clear as to why we do something, we are better prepared to make the changes required that will lead us to the proper end result.

Sometimes our angry response is natural and normal. When we are frustrated, bewildered and often confused we tend to get angry. I believe those emotional responses are healthy and acceptable and can often lead to problem solving and inner peace, but I caution you to be mindful of what you are attempting to accomplish. Please do not allow your anger to injure, insult, hurt or even get even with others because when you do, you have actually misused your method of expression and that is irresponsible and unhealthy.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, May 30, 2012