What are your qualities?

When you are searching for a book to read or a movie to watch, what qualities appeal to you? For example, if I want to read a book, I want it to be lively, compassionate and insightful. I want to walk away from that book knowing I have gained more knowledge, an insight into something I did not know beforehand, or maybe something touching that makes me spring to action or simply to reflect on my own life. I know I am imperfect so perfection is not what I seek. But the qualities that I seek are a mirror of what I want more in my life. I want to feel alive, appreciated and acknowledged. I also want to be more compassionate and more insightful so when I react to situations, I can take a step back and reflect before doing something that I just might regret. Funny how that works. Truth be told, we are not just what we eat, but we also share common grounds with the stories to which we are attracted. Whether it is a fantasy or a dream that we want to realize, we gravitate to those stories or experiences that bring us joy.

Perhaps your qualities mirror the images that you too, would like to see and have in your life. Maybe you are drawn to science fiction, forensics, drama, mysteries, action or heart-stopping thrillers. Whichever the case may be, your inner qualities are easily exposed by the company you seek and the company you keep. What qualities do you picture yourself having? For instance, if you want to build your self-confidence, you may be drawn to forensics or mysteries where you take the lead by putting all the puzzle pieces together to

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find the answer. Do you want to be more social with others? Maybe you are drawn to dramas where you can learn how to better communicate with others. Are you bored with your lifestyle? You are probably the high-action or thriller movie-goer.

Now, take into consideration the essential qualities that are required to be a successful businessman or woman. What types of people, places, things or events would attract these types of personalities? The

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same holds true for those necessary qualities that enrich a person's individuality and higher good. Imagine if you were a book, how would your story read? What qualities of your life stand out from the rest? What draws you to your own story? If you cannot find interest in your own "book", how can you manifest success, peace or prosperity in your life? You must aspire to grow your qualities in such a way that not only would you find interest in your own story, but so others may be so inclined to do so as well. Yes, it is that simple.

Moving forward, I want you to take out a sheet a paper and write down all the exciting things, people and events that make you feel passionate and joyful about your own life. What are those things that make you feel the most joy? Is it your family? Your spouse? Your career? Your home? Your finances? Your car? Your health? Your friends? What is it about you that thrills you, compels you, moves you. Of all those items you have listed, which ones give you the most personal satisfaction? Which ones reward you with the most love and happiness? And which ones are replaceable? Once you have classified your list, I want you to mark off all those things which are replaceable. What do you have left? I'm going to take a stab at it and guess that the only remaining items you have left are those living beings around you, and those items that contribute to your life like good health. The truth is, the qualities we often seek in books and movies are an over-dramatization of the lives we already lead. We often get lost in our boredom or we begin to take for granted those around us who mean so very much to us. You can interject the qualities you would like to manifest by investing more time in yourself and those you love. Educate yourself so you can become more knowledgeable and more successful. Commit to learning one new thing each and every day. The more you know, the greater your garden of qualities will grow; and the greater your garden, the more robust your blooms will be.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Thursday, September 19, 2013