What are you the most scared about in your life?

I have discovered that people are the most scared about what they know the least about. That only stands to reason; when we are exploring unknown territory we usually hesitate because we are uncertain about what lies in front of us. These are only natural and normal emotions yet I have also discovered for myself that when I am able to change my way of thinking, my perception also changes.

What is perception? It is a process with which we view life using one or all of our five senses. It is through the process of perception that we experience life and its surroundings. As we gather information that helps us determine our behavioral patterns we decide if our emotions are actually helping us move forward or stopping our progress. Sometimes we are conscious of what we are observing but often our actions and reactions are arrived at unconsciously and we simply tell ourselves that we can't go on.

Our perception drives our motivation and therefore influences our behavior, attitude and the environment in which we thrive and/or survive. So it stands to reason that if we desire to stretch ourselves and reach beyond the ordinary, we must out of necessity be willing to push through our fears. As we stretch ourselves to reach for new possibilities in the unknown we soon realize that we are able to surpass mediocrity and head towards extraordinary.

I have found myself unconsciously grabbing onto my fears until I realized that I was making myself physically ill. It was my emotional blocks that were sucking on my energy and my immune system and causing weakness and pain. Only when I realized what I was doing to myself, was I able to shift gears and transform my way of thinking to a new, dynamic and more empowering approach to what I was seeking. When I transformed my way of thinking, my energy level strengthened, my immune system became healthier

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and my drive and motivation propelled my action steps forward.

I am learning to look at the unknown as an exciting adventure. The mere thought of an adventure, sets my heart a flutter and my mind racing in joyful anticipation that I will be experiencing something new that I have never encountered before.

When we think that what we are seeking or what is changing in our lives to be difficult or exhausting, we actually bring on those feelings and experiences but when we change our attitude, our behavior shifts at the same time, which also signals our cells and energy field to align with a higher vibration frequency.

I would encourage all of you to run towards what is actually controlling your life- your fear. When you are prepared to embrace your fears, you are opening your heart and mind to embrace your greatness and enrich your life with new possibilities. Believe it or not, when you are willing to run towards your fears, you are actually opening the door for your success.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, June 12, 2012