What are you making room for in your life?

Are you so busy doing and being fully occupied by life that you leave no room for simply being? Especially after the Holidays, we tend to be exhausted from keeping up with all the festivities, the people, contacts and overdoing that we forget to recharge our energy and relax.

Being an active person, who is committed to keeping a full calendar is one thing but if or when you allow your complex life to override your primary reason for living, you are setting yourself up for experiences and moments of emptiness and sadness. Often those feelings are followed by the thoughts like: "What is my purpose and am I really a blank page?"

Sometimes when we fill our lives with over activity and projects, it is a signal that we don't want to deal with the emptiness that we are feeling inside. We even tend to disassociate from reality and a need to stay focused because the emptiness and sadness causes us to disconnect. For example, have you ever driven a car and forgot where you were going? You were not focused or completely grounded in your body and as a result you lost control of your direction and purpose. Believe it or not, that scenario happens often to many people because of a reduced power of concentration. Your state of mind is compromised due to the way you are feeling. It saps your energy and weakens your immune system. That is why I am always encouraging people to replenish themselves with time set aside that I call "Me" time.

We all need to feed our mind and our spirit just like we feed our bodies. Spiritual nourishment is vital for all of us. It replenishes our energy very much like physical food nurtures and fills our bodies. Many of us have busy schedules, lives filled with heavy responsibilities whether due to our work load or family commitments but that should not be the excuse to allow any of us to weaken our internal resources so our emotional self-worth is diminished.

I need to be in nature. It is through the beauty of the Earth that I easily replenish my soul and fill my mind, my thoughts with loving and healing feelings, ideas that will benefit me as I walk on my journey through life. You, too, can do the same. It is all about staying fully conscious and alert to what your mind, body and spirit need in order to feel whole and complete.

I do believe that from time to time, we all have feelings of exhaustion, loneliness and even possibly a desire to zone out from reality. That to me is natural and normal; it is, however, when we remain in those states for any length of time, that we open ourselves up to creating barriers that perpetuate negative feelings.

You may not always enjoy experiences that you desire but you certainly can have happy and joy-filled experiences if and when you open your heart and mind to seek them out. Opportunities exist for all of us it is our duty and responsibility to explore different avenues that will lead to the right encounter that will satisfy you.

Life can be dull or exciting. It can be empty or full and it certainly can be happy or sad. We each get to choose daily which experience we want to have. Yes, it takes time to build the life that you seek but if you do not get started, you will never reach your destination. Once again I ask you, "What are you making room for in your life?" Start today and find a deeper meaning for why you are here. I know you will

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be happy that you did.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2013