What are you doing to help reduce your stress?

0813-sadnessIt has been know for a long time that Stress complicates our lives and causes a multitude of health problems. Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has spend many years on stress research and states that stress influences a wide range of diseases and even early death.

So what are you doing to help reduce your stress level daily? I realize that this topic is stressful in it self, however, it would be prudent of you to take heed and give some conscious awareness to this topic and how it affects your daily ability to function or not. Let's face it! We all get stressed but the key is how to deflect it so that we don't get overwhelmed by stress.

The negative tendencies are obvious lack of sleep, over-eating, drinking and other addictions are sometime attributed to stress. My focus here is to give you some outlet that will most definitely aid you in releasing stress and enjoying a more fruitful lifestyle.

Exercise is one of the best ways to release stress from the body and mind. Whether you go to a gym or simply walk in your neighborhood. You will soon discover that you definitely feel better after the exercise experience. Directing your mind to think positive thoughts is also vital for your successful release of stress. Our minds can play harsh tricks on us and place unwanted emphasis on problems, situations or worry and that in it self is stressful. I have found that when I thing negative thoughts, I must immediately shift gears and force my thoughts to move in a different direction. If I don't, I begin to feel pain in my chest.

I believe in the power of God and I often will say: "I turn my burdens and problems over to God and release the situation to His capable hands." I find that when I say that statement 2 or 3 times, I actually feel a release in my chest. My statement of giving it over to God enables me to get through all of my difficult situations.

"The battle is the Lords and the victory is mine." 2 Chronicles 20-1-20:25

Powerful words that will help you get past your fear and worry.Any diversion is helpful, listening to music, singing a song, working on a hobby or project that requires your attention will help to move you in the right direction as you re-direct your focus. As I said before, we all have some degree of stress in our lives but it is how we act and react to it that will determine if we will experience increased health issues or not. The human body reacts to stress in many different ways and it is our job to make sure that we keep our stress level under control and manageable.


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Blog Date: 
Monday, November 17, 2014