What am I doing right?

In my line of work, I find that some individuals keep making the same judgment errors over and over again. Often when they do, they will come to me and ask, "What am I doing wrong, Joan Marie?" The easy route is to lay blame on someone or something else. In actuality, outcomes happen because we have made specific decisions to arrive at those places.

In many of my inspirational messages, I have said: "You have the opportunity to change whenever you want to." But the most significant point is that you can wipe the slate clean and learn from your past mistakes as you prepare for the new joyful possibilities that are in front of you. These powerful statements do not just apply to you at the beginning of a New Year, but throughout your life.

Perhaps a better question to ask yourself is: "What am

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I doing right?"

When you reflect on the productive choices that you have made, you are better able to deal with the choices that you face on a daily basis. I know that we cannot

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be perfect all the time or that everything will go our way but we can learn how to make healthier decisions to positively transform our lifestyles.

Did you know that your negative thoughts drain your energy and stops you from fully utilizing your creative powers and intellect? It is time to close the door on your failures and/or shortcomings and look into the present with a vision for all joy-filled possibilities.

To truly enjoy all of your potentiality, you must transform the way you act, believe and think. Rid yourself of the inner struggles -your doubts and fears and replace them with trust and allowing.

As you begin to take ownership of the choices you make today and the choices that you will make in the future please know that only you and your Inner Wisdom have the power to change your life. When you resist and focus your attention on negative thoughts you actually weaken your efforts and results. It is time to believe that cultivating great habits is vital towards your overall success.

Some valuable tips to help strengthen your center of attention are:

1. Meditate or do something that will bring your attention to your breathing. It is a powerful tool that will help you stay grounded and in your body.

2. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. It will help you build a strong support team.

3. Refuse to think or worry about the downside of your situations. That is a waste of energy.

4. Take responsibility for your actions. Refuse to act like a victim because you are not one. We all have moments when our life doesn't flow the way we want but don't let those situations control you.

5. Count your blessings. When you do, you actually shift your energy and place your thoughts on all the blessings that you have now and have had in the past. That little exercise will transform your attitude and behavior.

6. Sing upbeat songs and/or read positive quotes. They are inspirational.

I am sure you are doing a lot of things right so start believing in yourself and your talents and watch your energy shift.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, September 13, 2012