A Week in the Life of Betty

I thought I would share with you a week in the life of Betty from my vantage point. My main interest is to feed her and stimulate her mind and body. She is actually a young 98 year old and she could be so much better. I believe because she has been so inactive for a long period of time, she has lost some of her vitality and ability to think clearly; however, when we are together, we can hold a good conversation.
So here it is:


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Betty always loves to see me with a big smile on her face she perks up.
When I arrived at Betty's door today she said:Where are we going?I wasn't planning to take her anywhere but then I thought she could join me on my errands.I had some shopping to do and I actually wanted to stock her house with some essential items, Like a garbage can.Believe it or not, she just empties food into a plastic bag and puts it in her garbage can.Her refrigerator is empty and her ability to store food or supplies is nil.
I first wanted to make sure she had lunch.I purchased some salads in small amounts to see if she would eat them before I decided to buy in larger quantities.
Potato salad, cole slaw and chicken salad were on the menu and she loved it.It pleased me to no end.My primary goal is to allow her stomach to take in more food as she improves her nutrition.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today we are going to LA for the afternoon and evening but first I took Betty to lunch at the Pizza shop.She ate outside in the warmth of the sun as she thoroughly enjoyed her slice of pizza.This little outings for her are memorable and she truly enjoys them.It makes me feel good too, knowing that she is thrilled to get the chance to be out and about.After lunch we walked to The Market to buy a croissant to go with her dinner tonight.I made her tomate soup with rice.It was placed on her stove and ready for her for the evening meal. I am nervous thinking that she won't eat but then, a friend of her Doctor physical therapist called and said she could come over and sit with Betty for dinner at 5P.M.
It makes me feel good knowing that she is not alone and as she is eating her meal, some one is with her to share in the moment and encourage her to eat.


Monday, February 13, 2012

My daily routine with Betty is the same Help her eat a Bananna for breakfast at 9:30along with some dried apricots and dates andcome back at noon for lunch and again return for dinner at 5:30PM.In between I try to take her for a walk.Dr. Christine, the physical therapist came today to exercise her ailing knee.Betty likes his attention and friendship.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lila came this morning.I showed up a little after 9:15 and the garage door was closed, so I went to Betty's bedroom door.Betty is laying on the bed, which is a typical scene and Lila is sitting on the chair watching TV.She mumbled and was surprised to see me.I realize that when the garage door was closed she was hoping that I would not try to enter.I ignored her and proceeded to tell Betty that we were going into the kitchen to get something to eat.Mumbling Lila followed.I insisted that Betty be given a shower and have her hair washed.I had to demand that Lila stay with Betty in the bathroom and help her.All she wants to do is use words that stop Betty yet do nothing to encourage and help her.


Then I suggested later on that she take Betty for a walk outside.She was fighting me because she said Betty is too weak and tired so I took betty's hand and we proceeded to walk the circle in the common areaBetty often protests at first, but again I encourage her to continue and she always does.Lila was surprised when I said:I do this daily with Betty.Her statement was:Betty I didn't know you were so strong.Lila is lazy and definitely not interested in seeing Betty become or stay healthy and strong.I must admit that is my primary goal.


Age is not the problem.Inactivity and lack of stimulation and motivation combined with lack of compassion and caring is the problem.Betty has been left alone to fend for herself for so long that she has become weak, indifferent and uninterested in sustaining her self.I intend to see that cycle stop.She is strong and has shown that she is able to do many things.She simply has been left to die.


It truly saddens me to see this happen.I will not and I cannot allow this to happen.I pray that God will help me help her find the right person who can and will live with her and befriend her for the remainder of her life.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012