We live in an addictive world

I recently read an article in USA Today [July 11,2012] concerning people's addiction to painkillers. This article revealed how various States within the United States are working diligently to combat this abuse.

I must admit that many of us take or have taken painkillers or relaxants to help get through the day and/or life. At first we were innocent or maybenaivein our choices because we were unaware of its most important side effect addiction.
Others on the other hand take them and as this article pointed out because they are drug addicts looking for a high.

It occurred to me upon reading this article how many people are hurting. To them their hurt is so intense that they feel as though they have no alternative than to seek relief in the form of a pill or injection. Since I was a teenager, on occasions, I was prescribed relaxants because I would have anxiety attacks anddidn'tknow how to cope. At that time, the doctorsdidn'tknow how to help people go within their mind, body and spirit to find inner peace and calm so they did what came naturally prescribe a pill to relax the muscles and the body which I might add also relaxed the mind. It was only later in life when I still occasionally took aValiumto help me get through the speech or meeting that I realized how dependent I became upon a ���pill' to get me through life. I was not utilizing my innate skills to calm my nerves and help me feel self-confident and even worthy to succeed to the depths that I imagined.

I realized that I needed to stop using a crutch and start learning to use my talents to show me the way. In short, I needed to do my work. You see, the art of living a full and happy life requires effort and work. If we want to live free of pills and medication, we can but first we need to learn the steps and process that will show us the way. My daughter and I have spent most of our lives working with people to teach not only the process but to also release old baggage that often stands in the way of our individualized success. I will tell you that the process is not easy but when I look back, the alternatives are worse.

Yes, we definitely live in an addictive world but I believe if you or someone you know wants to take back control of your lives, you can do it. In this day and age of instant information, it is so easy to reach out and find the wisdom and knowledge that will help you achieve your goals. And don't forget, on this BLOG site, I am offering FREE Angel Meditations that will calm your nerves, help you find a sense of inner peace and even relief from stress.
Life is good! Now is the time to clean up your life and feel the joy.

Joan Marie Ambrose
Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Friday, July 27, 2012