Uncovering your hidden treasures

beach imageHave you ever strolled along the beach and spied a treasure hunter with his metal detector? It is kind of funny when you think of it. After all, what are the chances that someone will actually find a huge hidden treasure? In fact, more often than not, the treasure seeker may just be lucky enough to find a few coins or perhaps a valuable piece of fine jewelry. I imagine that half the fun is in the searching!

Unlike the hidden treasures that you might find on the seashore, The hidden treasure that is hiding inside of you is a sure thing just waiting to be rediscovered. I have discovered in my working with various people that they do not even realize that there is anything inside of them except for organs and cells they have ignored their inner voice, their conscience or intuition and as a result have fallen into difficult traps of fear, worry, stress and lack of faith. When you repeatedly allow your problems or misfortunes to overpower you and control your life, you end up believing that your life is hopeless or maybe meant to be hard. If you want to take command of any given situation and garner real resolve, you must take hold of that inner treasure detector and uncover the courage, wisdom, strength and passion to attain what it is you are seeking in life.

Each one of us came into this world with a treasure chest of gifts and they have been given to us freely. It is part of our journey while on Earth to re- connect with those treasure and re-awaken them for our highest and best good, in the highest and best way.

If you are wondering how to accomplish that task, below are some ideas that might be helpful

  • If you need a support team to help you find your way, seek out a mentor or role model that you can model yourself after. Who is it that you admire or with whom you feel a certain kinship? Perhaps that individual could be your sister, your uncle, a favorite sports player or a local firefighter. Read about their choices and how they overcame their battle.


  • You can also ask your guardian angels to support and help you. In doing so, you will soon come to realize that you have a powerful team behind you guiding your journey.


  • Breathe. At times you may become so consumed with your trials and difficulties that you forget to breathe. Take a deep breath and feel the warmth of the sun flowing in you, through you and into every cell of your body. Now let it all go. Just let all the anger, resentment, fear and anguish pour out of your body like a beautiful waterfall. That technique will help you stay focused, enable you to move into positive thoughts and energy and finally strengthen your resolve.


  • Visualization. Imagine yourself strolling on a beach. The waves are beating oh so slightly against the sand beneath your feet. Feel the wet grains of sand between your toes. Hear the seagulls in the distance. The sky is blue and the only thing between you and the ocean is a gentle breeze that continues to envelop your body. Doesn't it feel good? Now release all your doubt and fears and know that your Creator is with you and willing to help you stay on track and unravel all those treasures that are within your soul and energy field.


  • Trusting that God, your Creator has a plan and will never desert you is a powerful realization and when you embody that thought, you will soon discover that your entire psychology will shift and your life will take on a new story.

These ideas may sound unbelievable to you but trust me when I say I am speaking from experience. I have been through difficult times too and it has been my willingness to release my fear and doubt and place my trust in the Creator that has enabled me to finally see the treasures that have been hiding inside of me draw from them and strengthen my mind, body and spirit.

want change graphic copyThere is no better time than the present moment to recapture your inner power and take back the control from all the challenges that are presenting themselves to you. Just like the oceans tide, events in your life will come and go - how you choose to react to those events is entirely up to you! Whatever you choose to do, never give up Your treasure are there waiting for you to uncover them.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, June 18, 2014