There are many forms of drought happening in the world

We are experiencing a severe drought in many parts of the world yet the worst drought is centered within us, for there are many people in the world who are experiencing a spiritual and emotional drought as well, and they are not even aware that that is happening. Unfortunately we tend to be so focused on the material rewards or lack thereof that we forget to understand the reason behind all of our misfortunes.

What we are experiencing and seeing all around us is simply a metaphor as to what is happening within all of us. We have forgotten to seek the wisdom and comfort that a spiritual awakening can offer and secure for us. We tend to think that we are above the fray of destruction and discord but if you are in truth and willing to look around you, I know you will see and observe a greater picture that is beginning to unfold in front of you.

Chaos and confusion abounds. Disharmony and discord is fueling the fire of anger and resentment. There is an extreme amount of fighting happening in many circles of influence and add to that all the political unrest and you soon realize that what I am saying is true.

Most of us relate to the drought in the land caused by an unusual abnormal long period of dry weather in specific regions of the world but in truth, drought also means a prolonged dryness of personal growth and development due to lack of self-motivation, self-esteem and self discipline.

The world at large and the people of influence seem to agree that the source of drought is caused by something other than them but in reality it is caused by us you and me.

Many people have taken their spiritual well-being out of the equation they have forgotten about God and his eagerness to help us on our journey and they have forgotten about their own personal journey as well. In its place they have made materialism their God and their personal gratification and needs their mistress.

Just look around you and observe. The drought that is happening in the agricultural environments around the world just might be a symbolism for the spiritual drought that is also being experienced and allowed to spread due to lack of individual concern, interest and lack of belief that there is a God or a Higher Source and that that God or Higher Source wants to be heard and acknowledged.

Each one of us has our own system or manner in communicating but the main point here is that what ever your modality might be, I believe, you need to be conscious and aware that there is a power and support system in place in the Universe waiting for each one of us to call upon Him/Her/It into our energy field and our lives.

Each one of us deserves an honest, nurturing and fulfilling relationship with our God. It is only through that relationship that we can remain hydrated and uplifted so as to avoid the drought that is affecting others in the world.

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continually speaking to God, my Angel friends and spirit guides all the time. I invite them into my life and I am always asking for their support, guidance and inspiration. They actually are my greatest support team and I could not possibly get along without their assistance and wisdom.

Just remember you have the power to commune and vibrate at God's level whenever you desire and you have the power to speak to God about your fears, pain and doubt. I encourage you to try it. You do not need to experience a drought if and when you choose to remain fully conscious, alert and fluid.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, September 6, 2012