There are gifts everywhere if you are ready to receive them

Gifts are continually placed in front of us on a daily basis in many different shapes, sizes and forms if only we are open to see them and accept their blessings. Just yesterday was such an experience. My daughter and I had a few free hours and decided to go for a ride to another community Laguna Beach and just walk around. My intention was to simply enjoy the moment. I had no expectations and felt no limitations.

The community was buzzing with a lot of people and activity. As we started to walk and simply observe the various art galleries and shops we found ourselves heading towards the ocean where the sounds of a harp playing against the backdrop of the oceans roar brought a smile and a sense of delight across my mind. The music was melodious and played with meaning and purpose by a young woman just entertaining the relaxed bystanders who all seemed to be enjoying similar experiences. My daughter and I sat on a bench directly behind the harpist and next to a woman who was taking in the scene. We exchanged simple hello's and struck up a conversation. She had just lost a son to a sudden death, an aneurysm and although she was upset by the loss, she exhibited and expressed a sense of calm and peace. She said that she came to this spot often because it gave her a sense of tranquility and serenity that she needed in order to heal from her loss.

Her words were eloquently expressed as she shared her feelings and her belief that we all need to live life in the present moment of now and weave our thoughts, actions and deeds

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together to make a beautiful quilt of life's endeavors. For, as she said, we are all threads in the same quilt that form a lasting representation of the vivid images and impressions that we humans embody. As we each thread our own needle to form our own shapes and surfaces, may we look at the bigger picture and join together all of our individualized parts for the creation of a greater and more elaborate connection.

My mouth opened wide as I was touched by her words. They just rolled off her mouth and caused me to step back and think of the beauty that she just shared.

I was truly moved by the serenity of this beautiful soul I felt as though I was in the presence of God.

She also told us about a local artist, Ruth Mayer whom a year before the disaster of 9/11 painted the New York skyline and the twin towers with a serene backdrop of a heavenly angel with outreached arms placed directly at the top of the towers. A copy of that painting is in her gallery up the street from where we were, so she encouraged us to visit and see for ourselves.

We continued on our walk towards the gallery and were completely taken back once again on that day by the beauty of that specific work of art and the many other pieces that were shown in her gallery.

As the afternoon came to a close, I, myself, felt a great sense of joy and delight at the gifts that were presented to me that day. I do believe that there are gifts everywhere if we are ready and open to receive them. My sense of awareness is becoming more fine-tuned as I allow the process of life to unfold with ease and a wonderful sense of willingness in my allowing joy and new possibilities into my life. I know you, too, can have those same experiences if and when you willingly allow the process of life to simply unfold.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Monday, July 16, 2012