There is always a reason when a door is closing for you

Most of us believe that God has the power to open doors for us and we pray for those opportunities to open up but at the same time, we must also believe that if we are moving in the wrong direction then when a door is closing it quite possibly is also a gift.

If you believe that God has your best interest at heart, then open your heart and mind and start looking all around you to see if there is a new avenue for you to travel. Please understand that a closed door is not a calamity. Maybe you need to feel more confident in trusting that your doors have not closed by accident---there is a purpose and reason why the situation did not come your way or open up for you.

Sometimes we are not the right fit for what we are seeking to experience like the job that we thought was perfect or the relationship that we were sure was the right one. If the fit is wrong, you really do not want to be squeezed into that position or situation because it will not work out for you in the long run.

It isn't important to always figure everything out. We are not privy to all the answers. What you and I need to do is be prepared. Take steps that will allow you to move forward when the timing is right. You may not understand everything that is happening. That is okay, instead continue to speak up and walk the walk as you follow your gut. Don't slide into a state of depression or get weak, lazy and sloppy---this is the time to keep your energy high, stay in focus and alignment with your Higher Self.

Please do not be discouraged by your closed doors but rather believe and stand in faith that something is being placed in front of you that belongs to you. You are actually being protected from the wrong place or opportunity or relationship that was not the right situation or circumstance. God is in control over your life so if a door is closing for you---look for the place or opportunity that will allow your stream to open up and flow through. What ever is happening may not make sense to you at this time but as time goes by, you will discover that you were being saved for a brighter and bigger opportunity.

Many people discount the power of prayer. You do not need to be a church going person or a God-fearing person but you do need to be a trusting person. Pray to God and ask Him/Her to open the right door and close the wrong doors. Every day thank God for leading you in the right way towards the right opportunity. Get yourself in the perfect position and be prepared so that when the right door opens you are in the right place at the right time.

A prayer that I say daily: "Dear God, show the path that I need to go, lead me, teach me, guide me and if for any reason that I go astray, I pray I will hear a kind and gentle voice behind me say, no this is the way, walk here.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, July 3, 2013