Tear down your walls

road block imageLife is sometimes filled with many roadblocks and hurdles for some. And once we've gotten used to encountering these "walls," we become accustomed to them being there as a constant reminder of what might've been. The good news is that we can tear down these walls because they are simply figments of our imagination -- mental walls that we have created to prevent us from moving forward and enjoying life the way we should.

For some of us, we construct these mental walls brick by brick -- or emotion by emotion. As each year passes, we lay yet another line of wall; and by the time we realize it, we've completely blocked our plane of view. Instead of seeing all the great and wonderful things that await us on the outside, we see the metaphorical wall that keeps our potential and possibility for happiness locked within. Is this what's been happening in your life?

If anger, regret, and grief have overtaken your vision for the destiny that awaits you, then it is time to peel away the layers from the prison you've created. Just for one moment, imagine a wall of cinder blocks affront of you. Close your eyes so you can get a good visual of it. Now, begin to visualize yourself removing each stone -- one by one. You can use your hands and feet to push them over, or a metaphorical sledgehammer to break them apart; either will do just fine. Once you've torn down your wall, look at what lies ahead of you. Visualize a bright blue sky, a soft breeze and the smell of lavender. Ahead of you, there is nothing but a green pasture that spreads for miles and miles. Aside from a chirping bird, there is no sound except the sound of your breath; and your breaths are relaxed and slow as you take in the pleasant scent of lavender. Every morning when you awake, repeat this exercise. By mentally raising your awareness to what you need to do to move forward (tearing down your wall), you find that your negative emotions and feelings are slowly creeping away from you. They no longer have the stranglehold that your mental "wall" has had upon you.

Isn't it time to tear down your wall so you can rediscover the grand adventure of life. In doing so, you are on the right road to transforming your life into a happier, healthier and more prosperous one...and it begins by stripping away the bricks of your mind -- one by one.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker
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Blog Date: 
Friday, February 21, 2014