Teaching your mind new tricks

Did you know that your mind likes to play tricks on you and control your thinking abilities? It actually wants you to stay just the way you are and when you make attempts to change or improve your status, the mind kicks in and sends you a curve ball. It doesn't like challenges and it likes to keep you controlled and definitely within a set of limiting beliefs that it feels comfortable maintaining. When you focus on setting goals, taking a risk or reaching out towards a new endeavor or opportunity, the mind sends up the caution flag and signals that you are better off staying where you are. It can actually cause you to feel uncomfortable about trying something new or listening to an instructor, teacher or anyone who lives by a higher standard of awareness and wants to help you reach that status too. You may not realize it but the mind is a very powerful instrument that can either be your friend or your enemy. Once you understand how you can give direction to your mind, you will be better prepared to set plans that will enable you to actualize your dreams.

The mind can be reprogrammed to follow your direction, but you are the one who must give it orders and you are the one who must stay on top and remain consciously aware of how you want your mind to react and work for you. When my mind goes into worry, doubt or fear, I give it an assignment; like, please count all of my blessings or the riches of my life. Riches don't have to be about money; you are rich if you are physically healthy. Do you have a nice home to go to daily and do you have an automobile that works and gets you to where you need to go? Then you are rich. In other words, I am giving an assignment that I want my mind to concentrate on so that I, too, will be able to focus on my goals.

If you program your mind to follow your lead, you will be able to obtain anything you want in life. To do so means that you must train your mind to work on your behalf That is called brain exercise and it starts with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind acts as the translator to the conscious mind. It feeds the conscious mind all the information that is positive and says I can do that or it feeds it all your doubts, worries and fears because that is were your energy is directed. We have three aspects of our mind the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind. The Super-conscious mind is the Universal mind that says that anything is possible if you believe it to be so. It is ideally the Super Universal Intelligence and it has access to every piece of information that is stored in the conscious and subconscious mind. It you receive an inspiration or an idea that motivates you to get inspired, that positive energy and strong enthusiasm is generated from your super- conscious mind and through the power of your super-conscious mind, you possess all that you need to be successful in life. Even if you have a problem or a situation that creates a setback, don't get discouraged, your super-conscious mind is giving you a life lesson that you need to resolve in order to move forward. A winning combination that triggers your super-conscious mind is clarity of vision and calmness. Maintaining a positive attitude in a calm and focused manner will help you to reach your goal faster. So it is important for you to hone in your thoughts and beliefs and make sure you are bringing into your reality only a positive outcome.

The super-conscious mind is expressed through the conscious and subconscious mind. There are many times that we cease to be conscious of our thoughts or feelings because we zone out, fall asleep or get distracted. That is when we usually hear the term what is the matter are you unconscious? And yes at the moment we are. The subconscious mind doesn't forget. It is the filing cabinet that stores all the information and can recall it at any time because the subconscious can recall a memory or image to come into your conscious view.

A perfect example again is wrapped around your attitude. I had a neighbor who is older and unmarried. She moved to our part of the country because she was hoping to change her environment and at the same time improve the quality of her life. Yet one thing did not change she has a pessimistic and negative outlook about life. During the entire year that I have known her, she has been sick and physically weak and she complained all the time. Her main focus was on finding someone to take care of her. I have on several occasions attempted to show her how to change her outlook, attitude and seek to surround herself with joy, hope, and positive experiences so that her life would improve. I wanted her to create new habits that would soon override her old way of thinking because I understood that the new habits would change her psychology - her mental and physical condition. Unfortunately, she did not heed my words and chose instead to move back to her old state from which she came because they have medical facilities to take care of her. She chose fear, doubt and disbelief. Her subconscious thoughts controlled her conscious mind and produced for her exactly what she is experiencing.

You may not realize it but the mind is a very powerful instrument that can either be your friend or your enemy. Once you understand how you can give direction to your mind, you will be better prepared to set plans that will enable you to actualize your dreams.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Monday, August 5, 2013