stay focused

Are you disciplined?

What does it matter if I discipline myself or not you might ask? Discipline defines you. What you do in your defining moments will either make you or defeat you. To reach you highest potential, you need to be strong, use due-diligence, dig your heels in and be determined to keep your focus on your end results-that requires discipline. Self-discipline is one of the most basic characteristics that will lead you down the right path towards your success.


How can you keep going when chaos surrounds your world?

Drastic change is occurring in the world daily and sometimes it leaves us feeling quite challenged, fearful of what tomorrow will bring and wondering if our lives will ever improve. Fear is a destructive emotion that can paralyze us if we don't reel it in and stay focused. Too many people move into negative behavior such as excessive drinking, gambling, binge eating or harmful drugs that seem to place a veil over the problems but never resolve them. We may not verbalize it but I know a lot of people are trying to figure our how to cope in the face of chaos.

Are you focused?

As an entrepreneur, friends and colleagues have asked me at times how I manage to stay focused on projects not working in a "structured environment". The biggest misconception individuals have is that whether or not you work in a high-rise office building for a