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believe written in sandIsn't it time to trust have faith increase your hopefulness and BELIEVE that you are not alone and there is a God who is guiding your journey. You can make it towards your better tomorrow if you continue to trust-believe and know that there is a way.

Finding happiness in nature

happiness in natureWhen I was young, a childhood friend told me that if I held a buttercup beneath my chin, and my chin glowed yellow, it meant that I liked butter. Now, I tried the buttercup experiment, and sure enough, my chin glowed yellow. It was such a silly little amusement, but I remember smiling to myself knowing that a simple flower could say so much about me.

Let's Celebrate!

let's celebrate imageI think we spend too much time worrying about life, the future and how we are going to make ends meet. That is why I suggest it is time to celebrate something joy-filled and meaningful for you. When you expand positive and playful energy, you are able to shift your energy field to a higher vibration and that is good.

Do you believe in Angels?

angel in skyTo me, angels and their gifts are the greatest best-kept secret today. They have been around since the beginning of time, they are actually agents of the Creator and they will help you anywhere and any time that you call on them. I call in my angels each and every day.